First-Year Initiative Freshmen Mandatory Advising Workshop 1st Semester

Image: First-Year Freshmen Advising and our GatorAider Peer Counselors



Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop

Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop

Online Advising Workshop - Part Two - Graduation Requirements


During this section, we will be answering the following questions:

  • Are you progressing through requirements you need for graduation?
  • What are the high demand freshmen courses I should try to add next?
  • If I am enrolled in English or Math based on my Placement Test scores, how will I meet the One-Year Rule?


Tips for this part of the workshop:


During this part of the workshop we will offer you some extra items:

SF State terms and vocabulary: If you go to this link, you will see a list of advising words we frequently use and their definitions.
Examples page: Sometimes we will provide you with an example to explain a situation. Be sure to take a look at our examples if you feel unsure.


This workshop will offer a quick review of what we covered at orientation.


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