First-Year Initiative Freshmen Mandatory Advising Workshop 1st Semester

Image: First-Year Freshmen Advising and our GatorAider Peer Counselors



Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop

Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop

Online Advising Workshop - Part One - Introduction

Advising now is only mandatory for certain majors, not ALL freshmen! Read below for details...


Welcome to the Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop (formerly known as the Mandatory Advising Initiative.)

Some of you have heard from someone - either from a teacher, another student, a counselor or from your parents - that there is an advising mandate for ALL first-year freshmen.

This is only true for the following majors:

  • Engineering (all concentrations)
  • Chemistry & BioChemistry
  • Meteroology & Oceanography
  • Economics
  • Journalism

These departments will be sending emails outlining specific procedures for their students to get the proper advising and for clearing their Gator Registration hold for SPRING 2012. If you are in one of these majors, please click the link to your department's page (above) and make note of their office location - and don't forget to check your e-mail!


For all other Majors

The New Student Programs Office in the Advising Center is hosting this site to help you plan for next semester.

This website continues the process we began at your orientation this previous season. In this online workshop, we will review what we learned at orientation to help you prepare for class registration.

We plan to help you answer the following questions:

  • What do I have to do to clear any registration holds for Spring 2013?
  • Where will I find the online resources to help me plan my classes for Spring 2013?
  • What strategies should I use to help me choose the right courses for Spring 2013?
  • When will I pay fees and register for classes for Spring 2013?
  • How do I register for my Spring 2013 classes using MySFSU [new window] website?
  • When will advising events take place if I have more questions?


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