First-Year Initiative Freshmen Mandatory Advising Workshop 1st Semester

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Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop

Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop


Part Two - Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) Test & Quantitative Reasoning Requirement


Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning

For math, if you were SAT/ACT/EAP exempt, you could take quantitative reasoning. Some majors require specific quantitative reasoning courses. Consult your Roadmap. [new window] The list of possible quantitative reasoning courses may be found here:

  • DS 110 Mathematical Analysis for Business
  • GEOG 203 Geographical Measurement
  • ISED 160 Data Analysis in Education
  • MATH 110 Business Calculus
  • MATH 124 Elementary Statistics
  • MATH 226 Calculus I (4)
  • MATH 265 Advanced Number Systems
  • PSY 171 Quantitative Reasoning in Psychology
    If you are passing one of the above quantitative reasoning courses right now, then you will complete this GE requirement. Consult your major Roadmap [new window] to see if you are required to take any other math course(s) appropriate for your major - science, engineering, business and health-related majors most likely will require more math courses!

[See Example for Kinesiology Majors]


If you scored 42 to 48 on the ELM, you should be enrolled in Math 70 this semester. Once you pass, you may be eligible for your quantitative reasoning. The one exception is Calculus 1, MATH 226. The prerequisite is MATH 109, Pre-calculus. If you need Calculus for your major, take MATH 109 for Spring.

[See Example for Science Majors]

[See Example for Business Majors]

[See Example for Art Majors]


If you scored 40 or below on the ELM, you should be enrolled in MATH 60 in your 1st semester. The passing grade is C or better (and NOT a "C-" in this case!) If you are passing MATH 60, the next course to take is MATH 70 for 3 units.

REMINDER: All freshmen who placed into MATH 60 or 70 MUST finish remedial math in their first year. Therefore, you MUST take MATH 70 in 2nd semester if you are enrolled and passing MATH 60 in Fall.



Unsure about which Math course to take in spring? Feel free to ask us via e-mail.


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