First-Year Initiative Freshmen Mandatory Advising Workshop 1st Semester

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Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop

Freshman (1st Year) Mandatory Advising Initiative


Part Three - Class Registration for Fall 2012


You can register for Spring 2013 classes ONLY if:

  • You have completed your mandatory advising for certain majors (listed at the beginning.)
  • You have no other registration holds.


What is Early Priority Registration?

All current students are allowed to register for up to eight units during Early Priority Registration. First-time freshmen from Fall 2012 should have a registration date at the beginning of the registration period.  See dates.
Therefore, you can register for half of your schedule, for a maximum of eight units during your Early Priority Registration date and time. All students receive the opportunity to add their top two choices of classes in Early Priority Registration. Use this tutorial to plan your two top choices!


What is Final Priority Registration?

During Final Priority Registration, students are allowed to add up to 16 units. Therefore, if you added six units in early Early Priority Registration, you may add or waitlist for an additional 10 units or a maximum of 16 units.

In the previous chapter, we reviewed graduation requirements… there were certain requirements that should be given top priority to fulfill. These include English composition, GE Segment I courses, and other high demand freshman courses, especially any lower-division major courses.


Remember...everyone registers at about the same time; therefore don't procrastinate!

All 30,000 students at San Francisco State will be preparing to register. If you want things to go smoothly, start preparing now! If you wait until the last minute, you will encounter long lines, delays and frustration when trying to access services and resources on campus.


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