First-Year Initiative Freshmen Mandatory Advising Workshop 1st Semester

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Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop

Freshman (1st Year) Supplemental Advising Workshop


Part Two - English Placement Test (EPT) & First-Year Written Composition Requirements


At freshmen orientation, we learned about the placement tests and what your scores mean and which English pathway you placed in. English is part of your Written English Requirements within the Segment I Basic Subjects area.


See below for your particular pathway:

First-Year Composition: ENG 114

For English, if you were EPT test exempt, you qualified to take ENG 114 in your 1st semester or 2nd semester.
ENG 114’s course name is First Year Composition. If you’re taking it now, then in your sophomore year you can take ENG 214 - Second Year Composition. Do not try to enroll into ENG 214 in your second semester unless you are recommended by your ENG 114 instructor (which means that you may not actually be in an English course next semester!)

If you are NOT taking ENG 114 this semester (and you still need to), take this in Spring 2013. This is a high priority course, therefore you should sign up for this class during your "early priority registration" time. (Explained in part 3)

First-Year Composition: ENG 104-105 Stretch Courses

You need to complete both ENG 104 and ENG 105 (which is a freshman  composition stretch cours), by the end of the Spring 2013 semester. Passing both will complete your 1st-year English requirements. You may take ENG 214 in your Sophomore year. Make sure that you enroll into ENG 105 with the same instructor and at the same time slot. You should sign up for this class during your "final priority registration" time (explained in part 3) since your seat will already be reserved from the semester before.

First-Year Composition for Multilingual Speakers (CMS): ENG 201, 204 & 208 

If your first language was NOT English and you placed into CMS (Composition for Multilingual Speakers) courses, such as ENG 204 or ENG 208, then ask your current English teacher about what to register for next semester. Students taking ENG 204 this semester must pass with an A, B, C or Credit. If you did not register for ENG 204 this semester, you must take ENG 204 in Spring 2013 to meet the "One Year Rule". You should sign up for this class during your "final priority registration" time (explained in part 3).

Unsure about which English course to take for next semester? Feel free to ask us via e-mail


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