Holistic Health Learning Center

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Holistic Health

Learning Center

Integrating Self, Culture & Nature

Earth (Eco-Health)

Eco-Literacy & Green Living

Green Design: Healthy Buildings, Homes & Products

Biomimicry, imitating nature’s designs in human creations. www.biomimicry.net
Buckminster Fuller Institute, design science in service of life and ideas of BF. www.bfi.org
Energy Kids—Dept. of Energy, child-friendly ed about energy choices. www.eia.doe.gov/kids
Environmental Research Fdn. news and resources for environmental justice. www.rachel.org
Fold Pak, sustainable packaging choice for restaurants. www.fold-pak.com
Green Building Pages, sustainable building materials. www.greenbuildingpages.com
Healthy Building Network, program for environment health. www.healthybuilding.net
Home Energy Magazine, energy-efficiency & greening your home. www.homeenergy.org
iGreen Build, green building and environmentally responsible mgt. www.iGreenBuild.com
Ocean Arks International, ecological water purification. www.oceanarks.org
Real Goods Institute, for solar living. www.realgoods.com
Rocky Mountain Institute, solutions for the world’s energy problems. www.rmi.org
Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui & Principles of Energetic Design
Feng Shui, ABCs and tips for home and office. http://fengshui.about.com
The Feng Shui Society, UK. http://www.fengshuisociety.org.uk
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy, European and Native American geomantic traditions.
Qimancy, art and science of feng shui. www.fengshuigate.com/qimancy.html
Sacred Geometry for Fun and Personal Growth. http://geometry.wholesomebalance.com
Sacred Geometry: Islamic Mosques www.islamonline.net/English/Science/2002/07/article02.shtml
Sri Yantra Geometry Research Center, sacred geometry. www.sriyantraresearch.com
Solar Power Directory, services & products state-by-state. www.solarpowerdirectory.com
US Dept. of Energy Efficiency and Renewables, energy efficiency info. www.eere.energy.gov

*Local Resources
Build It Green, energy-efficient building practices, Berkeley. www.builditgreen.org
U.S. Green Building Council—Northern California Chapter. www.usgbc-ncc.org

*Mentors, Media & Reading
The Fuel Film (video), change your fuel…change your world. www.thefuelfilm.com
William McDonough, natural design to remake the world. www.mcdonough.com/full.htm


Green Living: Simple, Rich & Sustainable

Bioneers, visionary and practical solutions for restoring the earth. www.bioneers.org
Center for Eco-literacy, dedicated to education for sustainable living. www.ecoliteracy.org
Eartheasy, information to live more simply, with less eco-impact. http://eartheasy.com
Environmental web directories. www.webdirectory.com and www.ecologicalinternet.org
Environmental Working Group, eco-news and consumer health information. www.ewg.org
Envirolink Network, online news and environmental community. www.envirolink.org
Global Footprint Network, advancing the science of sustainability. www.footprintnetwork.org
Green America, empowering personal & collective green living. www.greenamericatoday.org
Green Map, mapping community resources for eco-living. www.greenmap.org
Good Guide, info on eco-social and health impacts of home products. www.goodguide.com
Harvest H2O, sustainable water management practices. www.harvesth2o.com
Human Dimensions in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, Univ of WA. www.naturewithin.info
LOHAS, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. www.lohas.com
Nature Conservancy, protect ecologically important lands and waters. www.nature.org
Northwest Earth Institute, self-guided education to inspire eco-responsibility. www.nwei.org
Organic Consumers Association, eco-health news. www.organicconsumers.org
PlaNetwork, sustainability & technology. www.planetworkers.org
Simple Living Network, tools for a simple, restorative lifestyle. www.simpleliving.net
Sustainable Travel International, responsible travel. www.sustainabletravelinternational.org
Sustainable World Coalition, “Sustainable World Source Book”. www.swcoalition.org
SustainLane, community resources for healthy, sustainable living. www.sustainlane.com
Teleosis, green health care and environmentally friendly workplaces. www.teleosis.org
Terra Madre, slow food communities network. www.terramadre.info
Urban Alliance for Sustainability, info to inspire the sustainability movement. www.uas.coop
Water Use It Wisely, 100 ways to conserve water. www.wateruseitwisely.com
WiserEarth, social network for sustainability. www.wiserearth.org
Yes! Magazine, existing solutions for a just and sustainable world. www.yesmagazine.org

*Local Resources
Acterra, local solutions for a healthy planet, Palo Alto. www.acterra.org
Bay Localize, for a self-reliant, sustainable and socially just Bay Area. www.baylocalize.org
Calif. Endowment, Building Healthy Communities. www.calendow.org/healthycommunities
East Bay Municipal Utilities District, info about community water supply. www.ebmud.com
Ecology Action, programs on eco-awareness and sustainable economy. www.ecoact.org
Ecology Center, programs for eco-sustainability in Berkeley. www.ecologycenter.org
Environment Calif., citizen-based environmental advocacy. www.environmentcalifornia.org
Env’l Service Learning Initiative, youth empowered service learning, SF. www.eslisf.org
Green Sangha, restoring our sense of oneness—healing our communities and the earth
through mindful practice and awakened action. http://greensangha.org
Hidden Villa, organic farm, wilderness & community in Los Altos. www.hiddenvilla.org
Recycle Works, programs in San Mateo County. www.recycleworks.org
Stop Waste, environmentally sound solid waste management, Alameda. www.stopwaste.org
Urban Habitat, education and coalitions for health and social justice. http://urbanhabitat.org


Also see: Food, Nutrition and Detoxification, The Responsible Consumer and Investor, Collective Intelligence, and… other related categories


Healthy Farming, Gardening & Permaculture


American Farmland Trust, saving farm and ranch land across America. www.farmland.org
Green America, creating a socially just and sustainable society. www.greenamericatoday.org
Inst. for Agriculture &Trade Policy, fair & sustainable food, farm and trade. www.iatp.org
Pesticide Action Network, working to replace use of hazardous pesticides. www.panna.org
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, impacting federal policy. www.sustainableagriculture.net
Natl. Resources Conservation Service, productive, healthy ecosystems. www.nrcs.usda.gov
UC Small Farm Center, visioning California agriculture with small family farms. www.sfc.ucdavis.edu



Composting 101, a complete home composting guide. www.composting101.com
Food For Everyone Foundation, gardening techniques. http://foodforeveryone.org
How To Compost, information on all aspects of composting. http://howtocompost.org
Native Again Landscaping, sustainable native landscaping. www.native-again-landscape.com
Organic Gardening Guru, organic gardening guide. www.organicgardeningguru.com
Path to Freedom, organic & sustainable urban homestead. www.pathtofreedom.com
Sustainable and Urban Gardening. www.sustainable-gardening.com
Sustainable Gardening Tips. www.sustainable-gardening-tips.com
Squarefoot Gardening, resource-conscious organic gardening. www.squarefootgardening.com
The Learning Garden, large and successful school garden. www.thelearninggarden.org
Weekend Gardener Magazine, on all aspects of gardening. www.weekendgardener.net



Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Assn., biodynamic movement. www.biodynamics.com
Lotan Center for Creative Ecology, courses & work. www.kibbutzlotan.com/creativeEcology
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, org. farming. http://attra.ncat.org
Permaculture Activist Magazine, Organic Gardening, natural building, relocalizing
communities, art & traditional knowledge. www.permacultureactivist.net
Permaculture Institute, education, networking and demo projects. www.permaculture.org
Permaculture Principles, 12 permaculture design principles to re-design our environment
and behavior in a world of less energy and resources. http://permacultureprinciples.com
Regenerative Design Inst., permaculture, nature, wildcrafting. www.regenerativedesign.org
Urban Greenspaces Inst., integrating built & natural environs. www.urbangreenspaces.org

*Local Resources
Elizabeth Gamble Garden, community horticultural foundation. www.gamblegarden.org
Friends of the Greenhouse @SFSU, student org sponsoring horticultural and botanical
activities for students, staff, faculty and local community. http://fotgh.wordpress.com
Golden Gate Gardening, Bay Area gardening blog. http://goldengategarden.typepad.com
SF League of Urban Gardeners—SLUG, grassroots org empowering communities.

*Mentors, Media & Reading
GreenPrints—Weeder’s Digest, the human side of gardening. https://greenprints.com
Michael Ableman, author sustainable ag & regional food systems. www.fieldsofplenty.com
David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept. www.holmgren.com.au
Wes Jackson, author, sustainable ag. www.postcarbon.org/person/36224-wes-jackson
Rudolf Steiner, introduction to biodynamics, unified approach to agriculture, ecology of the
earth-organism and the entire cosmos. www.biodynamics.com/steiner.html
Fatal Harvest Reader: Tragedy of Industrial Ag., www.msu.edu/~howardp/VanHall.html

Also see: Food, Nutrition and Detoxification, and other related categories


Environmental Hazards & Health

Environmental Toxicity & Health Effects

Algalita Marine Research Fnd., protecting marine ecology (plastic, etc.) http://www.algalita.org
Am. Academy of Env. Medicine, human-environment interactions. http://www.aaemonline.org
CA Dept. of Toxic Substances Control, protecting the public from toxics. http://www.dtsc.ca.gov
Cell Phone & Wireless Technology Health Concern
Council on Wireless Technology Impacts, research and education about safe use
of technologies using electromagnetic radiation. http://www.wirelessimpacts.org
EMR Network, biological and environmental effects of EMR. http://www.emrnetwork.org
Environmental Working Group, radiation levels of best-selling phones and user-friendly
ways to reduce radiation exposure. http://www.ewg.org/cellphone-radiation
National Cancer Institute: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/cellphones
Radiation Talk, cell phone radiation information. http://www.radiationtalk.com
Center for Environmental Health, protects people from toxic chemicals . http://www.ceh.org
Center for Health, Environment and Justice, fights toxic dumps. http://www.chej.org
Children’s Environmental Health Network, information and resources. http://www.cehn.org
Clean Water Action, on protecting America's waters. http://www.cleanwateraction.org
Environmental Working Group, eco-news and consumer health information. http://www.ewg.org
Food and Water Watch, consumer rights organization. http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org
Greenpeace International, global activism on environmental problems. http://www.greenpeace.org
Health Care Without Harm, environmentally responsible health care. http://noharm.org
Human Toxome Project, scope of pollution in humanity. http://www.ewg.org/sites/humantoxome
NW Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, alternatives to pesticides. http://www.pesticide.org
Pesticide Risks for Children, position paper. http://www.pesticide.org/RHSLPs&Children.pdf
Pesticidewatch, prevent pesticide exposure, promote local farming. http://www.pesticidewatch.org
Physicians for Social Responsibility, environmental health concerns by doctors. http://www.psr.org
Project Kaisei, studying the North Pacific Gyre (island of plastic debris). http://www.projectkaisei.org
Skin Deep, extensive cosmetic safety database. http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com
Washington Toxics Coalition, toxic pollution information in home & food. http://watoxics.org

* Local Resources
The Bay Institute, inspiring conservation of SF Bay and its watershed. http://www.bay.org
Ecology Center, information and training for healthy living, Berkeley http://www.ecologycenter.org
Exploring a Sense of Place & Local Heroes, Palo Alto. http://exploringsenseofplace.org
Planet Walk, environmental consciousness and stewardship, Pt. Reyes. http://www.planetwalk.org


Global Warming & Climate Change

1Sky Solutions, shifting from climate change towards green economy prosperity. www.1sky.org
Am. College & University, education for climate neutrality. www.presidentsclimatecommitment.org
CarbonFund.org, reducing the carbon footprint of individuals & businesses. www.carbonfund.org
Heat, summary of climate change reports from around the world. http://heatisonline.org/main.cfm
Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, Climate Change 2007. www.ipcc.ch
Intl. Scientific Congress on Climate Change, scientific synthesis. www.globalwarmingisreal.com
National Security & Threat of Climate Change, with military advisory board of retired generals
and admirals, video clips, etc. www.securityandclimate.cna.org
National Resources Defense Council, safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and
the natural systems on which all life depends. www.nrdc.org

*Mentors, Media & Reading
Al Gore, politician, author, journalist, information on climate change. www.AlGore.com
Alternative Theories of Climate Change:
The Great Global Warming Swindle, (video, 2007). www.greatglobalwarmingswindle.com
Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not only Human Cause for Warming, Scientist Says.
NASA: Sun activity and GW. http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Newsroom/view.php?id=23133
Global Warming: From "If" to "When" (Video:8 min) www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlmdhoERVgo
Global Warming Discovery Timeline.
NEW SCIENTIST – A GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED, May 19-25, 2007: good overview of climate
change questions and scientific data. www.newscientist.com/article/dn11462


Wilderness & Eco-Psychology

Deep Ecology & Eco-Psychology

Answers to Ecology, information about ecology & the ecosystem around us. www.deep-ecology.org
Foundation for Deep Ecology, education & advocacy on behalf of wild Nature. www.deepecology.org
Ecopsychology Online, information and resources. http://ecopsychology.athabascau.ca
Ecopsychology and Environmental Psychology. www.johnvdavis.com/ep/index.htm
International Community for Ecopsychology. www.ecopsychology.org
Eight Principles of Ecopsychology, Rozak. http://ecopsychology.athabascau.ca/Final/intro.htm
Forum on Religion & Ecology. http://fore.research.yale.edu/religion http://religionandecology.org


*Mentors, Media & Reading
The Deep Ecology Movement. www.spaceandmotion.com/deep-ecology-movement-arne-naess.htm
Video portrait of Arne Naess, founder of deep ecology. www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/cross.html
Deep Ecology, from The Encyclopedia of Earth. www.eoearth.org/article/Deep_ecology
What is Deep Ecology?, by Chris Johnston. www.rainforestinfo.org.au/deep-eco/johnston.htm


Wilderness, Sanctuary & Regeneration

Amazon Watch, protect Amazon Basin rainforest and indigenous rights. www.amazonwatch.org
Circles of Air, Circles of Stone, workshops and wilderness rites of passage. www.questforvision.com
Cultural Creatives, uniting 50 million US adults who share values. www.culturalcreatives.org
Cultural Survival, promotes rights and voices of indigenous people. www.culturalsurvival.org
Exploring a Sense of Place, on reconnecting to the natural world. http://exploringsenseofplace.org
Pachamama Project, preserving rainforests; empowering indigenous people. www.pachamama.org
Indigenous Permaculture, following our original instructions. http://indigenous-permaculture.com
Indigenous Women’s Network, supporting indigenous women globally. www.indigenouswomen.org
Indigenous Envl. Network, empowering communities w/ sustainable livelihoods. www.ienearth.org
Path Of The Feather, shamanic beginnings w/ your life as a vision quest. www.pathofthefeather.com
Pilgrimage Magazine, place, spirit , peace & justice. www.pilgrimagepress.org
Sardovaya, transforming human consciousness w/ spiritual-cultural awakening. www.sarvodaya.org
Sedona Vision Quest, inner answers for our most profound questions. www.sedonavisionquest.com
Thoreau’s Sense of Place: Essays in American Environmental Writing, Review.


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