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Holistic Health

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Integrating Self, Culture & Nature


Opinion Papers on Current Health Issues

* Selected papers are offered here to explore diverse points of view and deepen inquiry about current health-related issues. Papers come from SFSU students and faculty as well as researchers, health practitioners, leading authors and community leaders. Each paper encourages the reader to explore new information, think critically and take meaningful action.

We are living in a time of immense change. We cannot create the world of tomorrow with yesterday’s mentality. We must get involved and learn to think, feel and act in more creative ways. The evolutionary frontier of creative consciousness lies in Holistic thinking – an emerging worldview of the interconnected nature of all life – linking mind and body, individual and community, self and earth. Holism takes us beyond factual knowledge toward wisdom – toward a deeper understanding of the nature of life, human potential and possible futures.

Holistic activism tends to be pro-active (visionary and solution-focused) in contrast to “problem” and “blame” focused (i.e. anti-war, anti-technology, etc.). It sees real change coming – not from governments or corporations, as much as individual views and actions that help deepen our personal and social inquiry – moving us toward a dialogue and a culture that is life-affirming and sustainable.

The ideas and opinions in these papers are offered for educational purposes and do not represent the official position of SFSU or the California State University system. We hope the papers presented here will encourage you to get involved and help create a better – a healthier world.

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