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Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence – 2015 Events

Join us for 64 Days (Jan. 30-April 4) of Practice - Applying Principles of Love & Wisdom to Daily Life

Mission: To articulate and practice the principles, values and skills underlying NV Living - in three areas: Self: personal growth/development (Personal Self), Others: intelligent relationship (Social Self) and World: aligning culture with nature (Eco-Cultural / Global Self) -- fostering collective awakening and a world that works for the common good. -- HH Learning Center, SF State, January 2015

The revolutionary spirit is worldwide, if the anger… at the injustice of things is to be channeled into a revolution of love and creativity, we (can) shape a new world. -- Dr. ML King

MONDAYS, 5-7pm, HSS 306 (unless noted):

Feb. 16: The Polarized Mind: Why It's Killing Us and What We Can Do About It
Exploring the nature of the polarized mind -- a mind fixed on one point of view to the exclusion of other points of view. And how this polarization has fostered violence and destruction through the history of humanity-- and some steps we can take to address it. With Kirk Schneider, PhD, President of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Faculty, Saybrook University, and the author of: The Polarized Mind.

Feb. 23: When Love Meets Fear
Relationships thrive in an atmosphere of openness and care for one another, yet we are often needlessly on the defensive - inhibited by our fears. We will explore the origins and meanings of our fears of connection, of abandonment, of closeness? What makes us hold ourselves back or run from feelings? How do we free ourselves from the grip of fear so it no longer drives our ways of being. With David Richo, PhD, MFT, author, teacher, and psychotherapist. He combines Jungian, transpersonal and mythic perspectives in his work. He's author of How to Be An Adult in Relationships: Five Keys to Mindful Loving; Everyday Commitments: Choosing a Life of Love, Realism and Acceptance: http://davericho.com

March 2: Art and Creative Forms of Activism
Sanjev deSilva (aka Ras Ceylon) is a Hiphop MCee who works to better humanity through music, education and social activism. He's Director of Youth Leadership for The Mosaic Project, which creates a social justice, peacemaking and conflict resolution curriculum for 4th and 5th graders. In years past, his song “Heal Lanka,” a post-civil war peace anthem for his ancestral homeland of Sri Lanka, was banned by the government due to it's challenge to the inequality and repression that existed across the island.

March 9: Media-Based Social Change: Better Stories Change Everything
Stories, images and other art forms are powerful forces for social change. Representations in the media (i.e. Black Lives Matter, Charlie Hebdo, ISIS, etc.) can support dangerous ideas and actions, or they can educate and support solidarity and positive social action. This presentation will explore the importance of maintaining a critical eye while also encouraging engagement with stories in ways that help us to understand, imagine, and build kind of world we want. With Sahar Driver, PhD, a media strategist, who specializes in the use of film to support a system of constructive change: www.sahardriver.com One of her clients recently won the prestigious Britdocs award: www.activevoice.net/portfolio/american-promise

March 16: Mindful Communication -- Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with Somatic Awareness
Learn to integrate practical, Nonviolent Communication methods, with mindful, body-based practices to develop a stronger sense of presence, and deepen personal insight and connection while also engaging in a more compassionate understanding of others and our differences. Our presenter: Oren J. Sofer has taught Buddhist meditation since 1997 and NVC since 2006. He is also a Somatic Experiencing practitioner with tools for healing trauma, and has a degree in Comparative Religion (Columbia University): www.orenjaysofer.com

March 23: Spring Break - No Presentation

March 30: Race, Identity, Power & Privilege -- Authentic Conversations for Social Change
SF State faculty and student leaders (see below) will explore the complex and at-times triggering issues related to oppression, social justice and democratic community, and the healing power of authentic /real conversation. Join us as we integrate art, communication, cultural humility and personal experience in an open and interactive dialogue. Presenters: Vivian Chavez, DPH, MPH, Associate Professor, Health Education, SF State. Doctor Chavez is a community organizer with a passion for innovative pedagogy and social justice. She teaches non-violence, embodied leadership and creative expression: http://online.sfsu.edu/vchavez Siri McDougal, PhD, Associate Professor of Africana Studies, SF State. His research and teaching interests include: Civil Rights history, African and African-American history and Identity, Global Social Movements theory, and African Philosophy/Cosmology: http://africana.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/serie-mcdougal Anthony Amaro, Michael Sanchez, and Shellie Stamps: a select group of SF State student leaders and community organizers -- all very active in social justice movements on our campus.

April 6: Virtues for a Healthy Society: Rethinking Education & Activism
Join Claudio Naranjo, MD, a Chilean-born psychiatrist and pioneer in integrating psychotherapy and the spiritual traditions. He claims and will discuss why our best hope for peace is though social justice -- a collective virtue deeper than conformity to authoritarian norms. This "True Virtue”, is a function of psycho-spiritual development, which needs to become a political priority and an essential part of the agenda of Education and Public Health: www.claudionaranjo.net

April 13: Contemporary Capitalism: Forces Driving War & Injustice vs. Peaceful Alternatives
A panel of four professional women (see below), who work and do research related to a range of countries from the Middle East to the Americas, will present critical global perspectives about the role of capitalism in war and injustices all over the world and how to alter this injustice and nurture whole, thriving communities. Presenters: Sahar Driver, PhD, is a scholar, media strategist, and educator who works with the intersections between media, dialogue and justice advocacy (see: March 9). Charlotte Sáenz has 20 years experience working globally in universities, refugee camps and autonomous zones, primarily in Lebanon, her native Mexico, and the US. She currently leads media and education efforts for Other Worlds. Naima Shalhoub is a Lebanese American songstress, musician, and educator, with a background in community activism and an MA in post-colonial anthropology. She works with incarcerated women, Black and Arab communities and others to end the global prison-industrial complex. Zara Zimbardo, MA is a critical media literacy educator, body-therapist and social organizer. She was the producer of an award-winning alternative current events television series highlighting grassroots movements for eco-social justice. She also co-founded the White Noise Collective – using critical dialogue and Theatre of the Oppressed – theatre as transformative art.

April 15 (Wed.), 8:30pm, HSS 153: Project Censored - SF State: Top News Stories of 2014-2015
Join us for the annual announcement of top news stories of the year from SF State students with Mickey Huff, Director of Project Censored, and Kenn Burrows – Faculty Advisor, Project Censored – SF State.

April 20: Earth Day-Everyday: Personal Rituals & Permaculture Principles for Engaged Living
Without ritual, the pivotal moments of our lives can pass by unseen and uncelebrated. Join Karyl Huntley, author of Real Life Rituals, to learn more about how to celebrate the cycles of nature and signify the important moments and passages of our lives. Also meet permaculture and rites of passage educator: Spencer Nielsen. Spencer is deeply committed to cultural regeneration - inside and out. He will share from his toolbox of eco-social knowledge about engaged and sustainable living: designing human habitats, food systems and artful lifestyles to align with nature. http://steppingstonesproject.org/spencer-nielsen

April 22, 10am-2pm, Malcom X Quad: CREATE-TO-RELATE – Earth-Day & Closing Celebration of SNV
The Holistic Health Network will host multiple campus organizations – for the simple purpose of coming together to celebrate life, nature and the richness of our diversity. Various collaborations highlight the day. Join us and make music, and engage in art of all types: massage, restorative yoga, eco-teach-ins and more.

Sponsors & Information: The Holistic Health Learning Center (HHLC), HSS 329 – part of The Institute for Holistic Health Studies, Dept. of Health Education. For further details about the Season for Nonviolence, including a compilation of Daily Practices, see: www.sfsu.edu/~holistic/seasonofnonviolence.html


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