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Holistic Health Learning Center

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Holistic Health

Learning Center

Integrating Self, Culture & Nature

HH Careers Day



Monday, November 18, 2013

Part I - Student Health Center (Conference Room)

2-3 pm: Naturopathic Medicine & Nutritional-Herbal Therapies

3-4 pm: Oriental Medicine & Energy Therapies

Part II: HSS, Room 306

4:15-5:30 pm: HH Community Mixer: Join HH faculty, students and presenters - for food and social time

5:30-6:45 pm: Unlicensed HH Careers

Part III: SCI, Room 101

8:30-9:45 pm: Physical Medicine & Somatic Therapies

***These are public events: all are welcome.***

For more information:

Contact the Holistic Health Learning Center (HHLC), HSS 329, (415) 338-6416, www.sfsu.edu/~holistic part of The Institute for Holistic Health Studies, Department of Health Education.

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