Table of Contents {SF State Bulletin 2012 - 2013}

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Table of Contents

About the University


Academic Life

Student Life



California State University

Administrative Officers


College / Departments / Programs

Updates to this Bulletin


Undergraduate Information

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Degree: Overview

Academic Advising, Undergraduate

Planning Your Studies

Academic Checklist

Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

Early Start Program

General Education


Segment I

Segment II

Segment III

Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

General Policies and Procedures

Grading Policy and Systems

Scholastic Distinction

Academic Standards

Probation and Disqualification

Graduate Studies


Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Admission Requirements

Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Application Procedures

Registration Policies

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures

Grievances and Appeals


Fees and Financial Aid

Fees and Other Expenses

Installment Plans

Schedule of Fees

Refund of Fees Including Nonresident Tuition

Student Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

General Eligibility Requirements

Estimating Expenses

Program Highlights

Financial Aid Deadlines


Resources and Services

Alternative Learning Opportunities

Athletics and Sports

Belonging to SF State

Career Center

Class Schedule

Community Service Learning

Counseling and Psychological Services

Disability Programs and Resource Center

Educational Outreach Programs

Fitness and Wellness

Housing and Residential Services

Information Resources—Library, Media and Information Technology

Military Studies

Office of International Programs

Performing, Visual and Media Arts

Research and Special Learning Facilities

Special Enrollment Programs

Student Health Service

Testing Center

Tutoring Services and Academic Support


Academic Programs


Course Descriptions


Faculty Directory


Policies and Procedures (Appendix)

Faculty Statement Of Course Requirements
Student Complaints about Actions Taken on Behalf of San Francisco State University
Grievance Procedures for Students
Opportunities for Prospective Teachers
Opportunities for Athletes
Student Success and Graduation Rates
Privacy Rights of Students in Education Records
Requirement and Use of Social Security Number
University Identification Number
Career Placement: Data On Former Students
Average Annual Cost of Education and Sources of Funds per Full-Time Equivalent Student
Availability of Institutional and Financial Assistance Information
Procedure for the Establishment or Abolishment of a Student Body Fee
Determination of Residency for Tuition Purposes
Immigration Requirements For Licensure
Nondiscrimination Policy
Computer Security
What You Need To Know About Drugs And Alcohol At San Francisco State University
Sexual Assault
Sexual Harassment Policy And Procedures
Student Conduct
Federal Military Selective Service


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About This Catalog

This is San Francisco State University's official Bulletin (Catalog) for the academic year 2012-2013. Changes to the University Bulletin approved after the publication date will be published in this online Bulletin.


Although every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in this catalog, students and others who use this catalog should note that laws, rules, and policies change from time to time and that these changes may alter the information contained in this publication. Changes may come in the form of statutes enacted by the Legislature, rules and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees of the California State University, by the chancellor or designee of the California State University, or by the president or designee of the campus. It is not possible in a publication of this size to include all of the rules, policies, and other information that pertain to students, the institution, and the California State University. More current or complete information may be obtained from the appropriate department, college, or administrative office.


Nothing in this catalog shall be construed as, operate as, or have the effect of an abridgement or a limitation of any rights, powers, or privileges of the Board of Trustees of the California State University, the chancellor of the California State University, or the president of the campus. The Trustees, the chancellor, and the president are authorized by law to adopt, amend, or repeal rules and policies which apply to students. This catalog does not constitute a contract or the terms and conditions of a contract between the student and the institution or the California State University. The relationship of the student to the institution is one governed by statute, rules, and policy adopted by the Legislature, the Trustees, the chancellor, the president, and their duly authorized designees.

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