Undergraduate Education Academic Checklist {SF State Bulletin 2012 - 2013}

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Academic Checklist

This is a summary of the SF State graduation requirements and restrictions. Detailed explanations of each requirement are included in this section of the Bulletin. Use this list to check your progress.


Bulletin Year __________

Entry Level Requirements

  • Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)
  • English Placement Test (EPT)
  • Composition for Multilingual Students Placement Test (CMSPT)


Competency/Subject Requirements

  • First Year Composition: ENG 104-105, ENG 106, ENG 114 or equivalent; or ENG 209 (CMS)
  • Second Year Composition: ENG 214 or equivalent or ENG 310 (CMS)
  • GWAR: Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR Course designated by major; or JEPET and if fail JEPET, take ENG 414, or ENG 410/411, the CMS equivalent for JEPET)
  • U.S. History and Government Requirement
  • Basic Information Competence Requirement (OASIS)


Unit Requirements

  • Minimum units required to graduate
    B.A. = 120 semester units minimum
    B.S. = 120-132 semester units minimum
  • Residence Requirement: 30 units minimum at SF State, including 24 units upper division, 12 units in major (lower or upper division), and 9 units of upper division coursework in GE Segment III.
  • Upper Division Requirement: 40 units minimum, including 24 at SF State, 9 in GE Segment III.


Maximum Unit Restrictions

  • Maximum Units in One Subject Field: 60 units
  • Maximum Units Through Extension or Correspondence: 24 units
  • Maximum Units for Community College Work: 70 units
  • Maximum Units by Examination or Evaluation: 30 units
  • Maximum Units CR/NC: 30% of total units earned at SF State. See major department for further restrictions.
  • Maximum Units in One Semester: 19 units (Written approval must be received to exceed the 19-unit limit).
  • Maximum Units for the course numbered ‘685’ and titled “Projects in Teaching . . . ” that may be applied to the baccalaureate degree: 4 units


Grade Point Average

  • Minimum Grade Point Average: 2.0 in all college work, in SF State work, and in major


Major Requirements


Minor (optional except for Journalism majors)/Second Major


General Education Requirements

  • 48 units minimum. Special requirements apply to each Segment and Area of the GE Program. Transfer students are subject to different GE requirements than are students admitted to SF State as first-time freshmen. See the GE section of this Bulletin for specific policies and course requirements.


GE Segment I: Basic Subjects [12 units minimum]

  • Written Communication: 3 units
  • Oral Communication: 3 units
  • Critical Thinking: 3 units
  • Quantitative Reasoning: 3 units


GE Segment II: Arts and Sciences [27 units minimum]

  • Physical and Biological Sciences--9 units including one course designated (L/F), the laboratory/field study component
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences--9 units minimum with at least 2 different course prefixes
  • Humanities and Creative Arts--9 units minimum with at least 2 different course prefixes
  • Lifelong Development Requirement (LLD)--one course in Segment II
  • American Ethnic and Racial Minorities Requirement (AERM)--one course in Segment II [Not required for transfer students]


GE Segment III: Relationships of Knowledge [9 units minimum]

  • 9 upper division units minimum taken at SF State during or after the semester in which upper division standing is achieved (60 units). Double count and other restrictions exist. At least one course that satisfies the Cultural, Ethnic, or Social Diversity (CESD) Requirement.


Undergraduate Education continues in Undergraduate Graduation Requirements.



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