University Planning Advisory Council

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University Planning Advisory Council

San Francisco State University is confronted by dramatic and unprecedented fiscal challenges due to the State’s failure to adequately fund higher education. As an institution, we seek to address these challenges thoughtfully and deliberately. Solutions must be informed by our aspirations and our commitment to our mission. Through a process that embraces transparency and broad participation, our University community can seek to re-envision the university as a stronger, leaner institution directed by its values. To that end, President Robert Corrigan has formed the University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC). UPAC will examine the budget challenges facing SF State and analyze how the University may best be able to streamline its efforts. It will query the University community for proposals to aid in the initiative. The Council will provide its findings and recommendations to the President for consideration. UPAC will also serve in an advisory capacity on those matters requiring swift action.


· Click here to review UPAC’s January 20, 2011 report

· Click to listen to full proceedings of the Sept. 20 All-University forum

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· Draft Concepts for Review



"Design Your University" Tool

UPAC is pleased to offer another way for the campus community to share ideas for a new university structure. “Design Your University” facilitates conceptual design, and enables users to design and share potential university structures. Designs created can be sent to UPAC privately or posted for public review. To access the tool, click here:
This tool will assist you in designing a six-college university. Those wishing to share concepts for a university that does not conform to the constraints of a six-college structure, please do so by sending your ideas to or by using the online proposal form at . UPAC extends its appreciation to Academic Technology for building and hosting this tool for the campus.



Please share your thoughts and concerns with the Council

The University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC), seeks proposals that are consistent with this approach. This task is critically important and particularly challenging since roughly 85 percent of the University’s budget is devoted to its personnel. UPAC is interested in soliciting all productive ideas; consequently, proposals can take the form of brief suggestions or they might include a narrative justification or other documentation. UPAC is accepting proposals immediately and on a rolling basis through at least the Fall 2010 semester. Click here to share your suggestions.



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