University Planning Advisory Council

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Council Charge


The University Planning Advisory Council will:

1. Solicit, review, create, and evaluate proposals for budget savings related to Academic

  • Council members will develop a request for proposals and criteria for evaluating any submissions.  The Council will query the University community for proposals designed to reduce costs or generate revenue. 
  • Submitted proposals will be available for review and the Council will seek feedback from the University community on the proposals. All recommendations will be made public.
  • On a rolling basis and until a deadline to be determined by the Council, it will review and evaluate any proposal received and provide an assessment of the relative merits of each to President Corrigan for consideration.  In assessing the proposals, the Council may call upon the resources of the University to ensure that assessments are based on objective information. This includes data collection, organization, and analysis.  It may also include assessment of programs, departments, colleges and faculty.
  • Recommendations to the President may present different points of view.


2. Re-envision the University

  • The Council will consider ways in which the University might be restructured and streamlined to make better use of the funds available to us.  It will make recommendations to President Corrigan with respect to long-term changes that might be considered in light of diminished resources.  These recommendations will be mindful of our shared commitment to the goals articulated in CUSP I and II, but not hindered by them.


3. Advise on imminent budget matters

  • Serve as an advisory group providing insight and consultation to the University’s administration in the event of exigent and imminent circumstances.



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