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University Planning Advisory Council


San Francisco State University continues to be confronted by unprecedented fiscal challenges due to the State’s failure to fund higher education adequately.  Although Governor Schwarzenegger recently proposed to restore some funding to the CSU, it is not clear that SF State will realize a full restoration of the funds necessary to support our current operational needs. (Click here for Exec. Vice President and CFO Leroy Morishita’s statement on the current status of the CSU and SF State budget.) Addressing the complexity of these challenges will require the attention and participation of all members of our campus community.

The University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC) seeks your suggestions on how we might meet these challenges in this difficult budgetary climate, while maintaining our mission, values, and commitment to excellence.  We invite the entire campus community to submit proposals that re-envision the university as a stronger, more efficient institution.  This task is particularly challenging since roughly 85 percent of the university’s budget is devoted to its personnel. Resources that may provide useful information on the current crisis, the university priorities and mission, and the reality of our budgetary needs can be found at

We seek short term solutions and long term visions, cost saving suggestions and revenue generating ideas.  We are interested in soliciting all ideas; consequently, proposals can take the form of brief suggestions or they might include a narrative justification or other documentation.

UPAC will begin accepting proposals immediately and on a rolling basis through at least the Fall 2010 semester.  Evaluations of proposals will begin the week of February 15 -- and be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

UPAC will conduct preliminary evaluations of submissions and will seek broad campus feedback on proposals that are highly ranked.  Proposals will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  1. Cost savings or revenue enhancement proposed
  2. Prospects for reducing duplication and maximizing efficiencies
  3. Preservation and furtherance of SF State’s mission and strategic goals, including the pursuit of social justice and equity.
  4. Preservation and furtherance of SF State’s role as a public urban university that serves the needs of the community.
  5. Extent to which proposals maintain or increase the quality of student experience.
  6. Extent to which proposals maintain or increase the quality of faculty and staff.








Hard copy proposals can be sent via campus mail to:

   Jason Porth, Office of the President, ADM 562


Electronic proposals can be submitted to: or use above form



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