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The University Planning Advisory Council (UPAC) has received proposals from the SF State community on cost-saving and revenue-generating measures, as well as ideas to re-envision the university as a stronger, leaner institution directed by its mission and values. Many of the proposals received from the campus have focused on restructuring the university’s eight colleges to further instructional and scholarly collaboration, and economize resources. The council has prioritized these proposals and based on them, has developed a preliminary draft of a six-college structure for consideration by the campus community. We believe that such a structure would further instructional and scholarly collaboration. The preliminary draft, Concept A, reflected our initial attempt to create such a structure.

Since sharing Concept A with the campus community, we have begun to receive feedback. Based on this feedback, new concepts have been developed for consideration. We continue to seek feedback on all three of these concepts. We anticipate releasing at least one more draft concept for review in the near future.

These drafts are merely intended as a way to begin a university-wide conversation on the merits of proposed structures. They do not constitute recommendations for implementation. After reviewing the drafts, we would be grateful for your feedback (Click here to skip to feedback form) . As we work to improve upon the drafts and develop others based on the feedback we receive, we are mindful that members of our university community possess important information about our current structure and are well positioned to assist us in assessing the respective strengths and weaknesses of the concepts. UPAC members are grateful for the tremendous insight and creativity that our campus community has exhibited as we search for ways to improve the university while confronting budgetary constraints.


For a statement on UPAC's rationale and assumptions, please click here.

Concept A: 6-college structure (5/5/10)
Concept B: Alternate 6-college structure (9/3/10)
Concept C: Alternate 6-college structure (9/3/10)




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