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Evacuation Team Instructions

When the fire alarm sounds, evacuation team members are critical to a smooth and timely response.

First, pick up the 2-way radios and check in.

    • - Press and hold the large button on the side to talk.
    • - State your name and specify your location, i.e., building and floor.
    • - Try to keep your statements short.
    • - Release the large button when you are finished so others can talk.

Second, assist with the evacuation.

  1. Check rooms on your way out to identify disabled people who may have difficulty evacuating, check for obvious problems, and prod people to evacuate.
  2. Do not stay and argue with anyone.
    Report uncooperative people and their location via radio. If you don’t have a radio, contact the police or another evacuation team member with a radio to report the problem. 
  3. Go to your assigned checkpoint, if safe, and monitor the exit.
    - Don’t allow people to re-enter the building before it is cleared.
    - Wait at your checkpoint for instructions and information.
  4. Allow people back in only when the building is officially cleared.

Important! If the alarm stops ringing, it does NOT mean the evacuation is over. Wait until you hear from the police or someone else on the evacuation team before allowing people back into the building.







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