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You must have a valid Radioactive Use Authorization (RUA) to buy, use, or store most radioactive materials at SFSU.

  • You must have a valid Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) which specifically allows the purchase of the requested material.
  • Your purchase must fall within the limits as stated on your RUA.


After having ascertained that your desired purchase is permitted under the terms of your RUA license, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Obtain an order control number from the RSO or the RSO’s designee
  2. Order the material from the desired vendor – using SFSU purchase rules
  3. Receive the radioactive material in the lab and record it in the Acquisition Log (RAD-1A)
  4. Inspect and check in the package and fill out a“ Incoming Radioactive Materials Receipt Report”(RAD-1B)
  5. File the original completed Receipt Report in your record keeping log book (“red” book), along with the wipe test, and send a copy of both to the RSO.
  6. Create a “Radioactive Materials Use and Transfer Log”(RAD-1C) for the new material.





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