Health and Safety      College of Science and Engineering (COSE)

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New part-time and/or non-tenure-track teaching faculty, like lecturers and teaching assistants, are also required to have an initial safety orientation. This may be accomplished in one of two ways:


Method #1

Attend a safety orientation lecture for instructors

  1. Often available at the beginning of Fall Semester as part of a GTA/Lecturer orientation day
  2. Attendance at a faculty/staff safety orientation
  3. By request from Dept. Teaching Lab/Classes Coordinator in the Spring Semester


Method #2

  1. Read a safety handbook designed for teaching faculty and staff,

  2. Fill out and sign the accompanying quiz.

  3. Submit the completed quiz to the department office or stockroom.


Handbooks for Lecturers, Student Teachers, and other Instructors


Handbook for Laboratory Instructors
(with hazardous materials)

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Handbook for Lecture Class Instructors
(no hazardous materials, includes computer labs)

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Students in Laboratory Classes

Certain laboratory classes have been designated as requiring a documented safety talk at the start of the semester. Instructors should find out if their laboratory class has been designated as such a class from their department teaching lab coordinator.





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