Health and Safety      College of Science and Engineering (COSE)

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Review and Approval of Research

Submit a registration application to your department chair or stockroom if you plan to use any of the following:

Material Type


Oversight Committee


Recombinant DNA

Pathogenic organism (bacteria, fungi, prisons, rickettsia, protozoa, and other parasites).

Plants, animals or animal waste materials, which contain or may contain hazardous characteristics including pathogenic organisms

Human and non-human primate tissue, body fluid, and cell culture (primary or continuous).

COSE Biosafety Committee
Biological Use Registration



Mice, frogs, insects

Animal Use and Care Committee

SFSU Office for the Protection of Human and Animal Subjects





Class 3b or 4 fixed lasers or laser systems

Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee
Laser Use Registration



Radioactive Materials

Materials or substances containing radioactive isotopes such as tritium, C-14, P-32, S-35

Radiation Safety Committee
Application for Radiation Use Authorization

Radiation-producing machines

Cabinet, medical, and analytical x-ray machines

Radiation Safety Committee
Application for Radiation Use Authorization








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