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The physical well-being of instructional staff and students is just as important as the quality of the instruction. The class instructor is responsible for supervising students in the lab and for making sure basic safe work practices for that lab are being followed.


Building Evacuations

The instructor is responsible for making sure all students leave promptly when the evacuation alarm sounds. Since the duration of the evacuation is understandably unknown, the instructor must decide whether to have the students gather together outside and wait for clearance or dismiss the class.


Extension Cords

Extension cords are for temporary use to power equipment for presentation purposes.

  1. Protect cords from physical damage or wet conditions
  2. Mark cord location or block access to cord to prevent a trip hazard
  3. Make sure all electrical cords are in good condition and used as intended
  4. Computers, monitors, projectors, etc., must be plugged into power strips or extension cords that are rated to handle the load. Light-duty extension cords, especially those without the third grounding hole, are not acceptable.
  5. Power strips must be equipped with surge protectors or GFCI's (ground fault circuit interrupters) that will shut off power to appliances if overloaded.
  6. One may not "daisy chain" extension cords, power strips, etc in order to reach an outlet out of reach of an item needing power.

Safety Training for Enrolled Students

There should be a short safety talk on the first day in all laboratory classes to discuss basic evacuation procedures and general lab safety rules. In the Biology and Chemistry & Biochemistry departments, laboratories that use hazardous materials are required to have a safety talk on the first day of class. Your laboratory class coordinator will know if this applies to your course.

This safety talk must be documented with a signed attendance sheet that includes a statement that students will comply with laboratory safety rules. This attendance sheet is then kept on file with the department for at least one year plus the current semester. Contact your stockroom manager or laboratory class coordinator for department details.


More Information

Cal/OSHA Electrical Safety Pamphlet

COSE Anatomy Lab Safety Plan(PDF)












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