SF State Budget Central

Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus


San Francisco State is facing its toughest time in decades. The 2011-12 budget has propsed to cut the CSU's budget by $650 million – nearly a quarter of the state’s operating support to the university which would be the lowest  funding level we have received in 14 years even though we are serving over 90,000 more students.


While these tough economic times may have had an impact on your ability to help out financially, we're only asking you to take a moment and send a message to your legislator and the Governor - tell them to make funding higher education a priority.


Get Involved and Take Action!

Our proud alums are the ambassadors of the University. You can help San Francisco State University at this critical time by being the voice of SF State -- to let California’s legislators know how this University has made a difference to you, to our region and to our state.




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