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As state budget negotiations continue, I write to ask you to show your support for higher education in California. The state’s commitment to its residents of providing an affordable and quality education is at risk.


On June 28, both the Assembly and the Senate approved a budget bill for 2011-12 that included a cut of additional $150 million to the CSU bringing the total reduction of General Fund Support to $650 million for next year.

Equally as alarming, the final budget relies on increased current-year revenue estimates of $1.2 billion to reflect higher than anticipated revenue since May and approximately $4 billion more in revenue to the 2011-12 year.  If the revenue does not materialize, there will be mid-year tiered trigger cuts, most of which would be effective January 1, 2012. If the state only receives $2 billion to $3 billion, the state will impose approximately $600 million in cuts including an additional $100 million to the CSU.


Next month, the Governor will be releasing his budget for the 2012-2013 year. Our students and parents carry the financial burden from higher tuition, fees and expenses that result from diminishing state support. Over the course of the last 20 years, reduced state investment in public higher education have shifted the burden of paying for higher education to students and their families. This point is underscored by the fact that last year marked the first time in our state’s history where students will be responsible for paying a greater portion of their public education than what the state contributes. This is a major public policy shift that redefines public higher education’s purpose from a public good to a private benefit.

Join Us in Advocating for Higher Education

It is critical that the Governor hear from our parents about the importance of protecting higher education from additional budget cuts. I ask that you contact the Governor to urge him to stops the cuts to higher education.

Through our collective efforts, we can ensure that our students and future students will have access to affordable and high quality education. Your action will make a difference in the life of our students in the present and future.

Join Us in Advocating for Education
We thank you for your hard work as advocates for the SF State. But, as the budget deliberations continue, we need to remain vigilant in keeping CSU on the legislature’s radar and a high priority for elected officials. We promise to keep you informed of the budget and its specific impact to SF State, and commit to serving students to the best of our ability.



Now is the time to become an SF State Advocate and contact your local legislators and the Governor and urge them to make higher education a priority. Here's how you can do that:



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