Spanish/English Interpretation  {SF State Bulletin 2011-2012}

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Spanish/English Interpretation

College of Extended Learning


Spanish/English Interpretation Program (Legal/Court and Medical)

SF State Downtown Center
835 Market Street, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax: 415-817-4299
Program Director: Eric Bishop Program Coordinator: Baseemah Rahman



Certificate in Spanish/English Interpretation


Program Scope

This program is designed to develop the interpreting skills necessary for service in the courts, in state agencies, and in the medical evaluation system of workers’ compensation. It is specifically designed to prepare participants to pass the Califormia Court Interpreter Exam. The program faculty are state-certified interpreters.



Faculty members are all adjunct instructors who are state court interpreters.


Career Outlook

Certified Spanish/English interpreters are in heavy demand in California. Interpreter examinations are mandated for employment in courts and state agencies. Once an interpreter passes the California Court Interpreter Exam, s/he will be able to work in the state courts and freelance for state agencies, health organizations, private companies, law firms, and interpreting agencies. Many attorneys in private practice now use only certified court interpreters for depositions, personal injury, and workers' compensation cases.


Certificate in Spanish/English Interpretation
(Legal/Court & Medical)

Admission to the Program

Admission requirements are 56 units of prior semester units (B.A. preferred) and a passing score in the SF State Bilingual Entrance Exam. To register for the Bilingual Entrance exam, use the Web site and go to "Online Test Registration."


There are six core courses and two elective courses. For complete course descriptions, contact the program coordinator or go to


Certificate in Spanish/English Interpretation

Course Title
FL 400 Introduction to Interpreting
FL 401 Sight Translation
FL 403 Consecutive Interpretation I
FL 405 Consecutive Interpretation II (with laboratory)
FL 407 Simultaneous Interpretation I (with laboratory)
FL 409 Simultaneous Interpretation II (with laboratory)
SPAN 365 Medical Interpretation
FL 9914 Advanced Interpreting & Oral Exam Prep (with laboratory)

Laboratory courses are held at the Main Campus, and non-laboratory courses are held at the SF State Downtown Campus.

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