SFSU AIDS Coordinating Committee

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Sexy Tips

Before Having Sex, Always ASK!

  • Ask yourself what you are willing to do before you are in an intimate situation and how well you know the person.
  • Ask your partner what activities they are comfortable engaging in.
  • Ask yourself if you have had too much to drink to make such important decisions and would be better off not having sex.
  • Ask your partner to wear a condom and use lubrication to prevent breakage of the condom.
  • Ask your partner their STD and HIV status. When was their last test/exam and what were the results.
  • If you are willing to let someone get that intimate with you… wouldn’t you want to know a little more about where else that thing has been?

How to bring up HIV / Safe Sex to a new partner or friends:

  • The Sex on TV approach: “You’d think with all of the sex on TV, someone would mention condoms once in a while.”
  • The College Student Approach: “I just heard in one of my classes that condoms have been used for centuries!”

We’re looking for a few good lines – above are some examples!
Send your ideas to aidsinfo@sfsu.edu; put " ACC website" on the subject line

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