General Education: Upper Division  {SF State Bulletin 2015 - 2016}

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General Education: Upper Division


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Upper Division General Education — 9 units minimum

General Requirements

Students must:

  1. Begin their upper division General Education coursework no earlier than the semester they achieve upper division standing and have completed a course in Area A4 with a C- or better. (60 units minimum)
  2. Complete at least 9 units of upper division General Education course work in residence at SF State
  3. Complete the equivalent of one 3-unit course in each of the three domains of knowledge: Physical/Life Sciences (UD-B), Arts/Humanities (UD-C) and Social Sciences (UD-D).


Students studying abroad through the CSU can petition to have courses taken abroad count for upper division GE. These students should consult with the Study Abroad Office and with the Undergraduate Advising Center to get assistance in choosing appropriate classes to meet the required domains of knowledge and to complete the petition process upon their return.


Note: At the time of Bulletin publication, some courses were still in review for General Education certification. These courses are indicated as being provisionally approved.


SF State Studies Requirements

SF State Studies courses fulfill graduation requirements, but do not have specific unit requirements. They are meant to ensure that students take at least one course in areas that the campus feels are important to graduates of our university. There are four SF State Studies requirements that students must meet: American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM), Environmental Sustainability (ES), Global Perspectives (GP) and Social Justice (SJ). SF State Studies requirements that are met in the upper division GE courses listed below are indicated after the course title. Students who study abroad can petition through the Undergraduate Advising Center, upon their return, to have the Global Perspectives SF State Studies requirement met. Courses certified as meeting the SF State Studies requirements may be upper or lower division, may be in General Education (GE), a major or minor, or may be an elective.


Upper Division Physical and/or Life Sciences: UD-B

Upper Division Arts and/or Humanities: UD-C

Upper Division Social Sciences: UD-D


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