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Volume 58, Number 30    April 18, 2011        

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Grants and Contracts

SF State received $2,204,854 in grants and contracts in February and March 2011.

Antwi Akom, Africana Studies, Emerald School Partnership Project, UC Regents/Dept of Energy, $115,500; The MO Project, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $75,000

Diana Chu, Biology, Defining PP1 Phosphatase Function in Paternal Meiotic chromosome Segregation, National Institutes of Health, $460,247

Adrienne Cool, Physics and Astronomy, Theodore Dunham Jr. Grant for Research, Fund for Astrophysical Research, $2,928

Jerry Davis, Geography, Terrestrial Ecological Units Inventory and Mapping, USDA, Forest Service, $23,749

Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade, Raza Studies, The Urban Hope Project (California Endowment), East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, $48,429

Charles Egan, Foreign Languages, Chinese Academic Teaching Modules, Institute of International Education, Inc., $42,828; 2011 Annual Meeting of the Language Flagship, Institute of International Education, Inc., $106,619; Leveraging Language & Culture Education in U.S., Institute of International Education, $191,413

Cynthia Gomez, Health Equity Institute, CommonHealth ACTION, Microenterprise and Health Intervention, $130,000

Zheng-Hui He, Biology, Molecular & Dissection of Ultraviolet-B Signaling in Arabidopsis, National Institutes of Health, $230,250

Hildy Heath, Office of International Programs, USCET Student Leaders Exchange Program, Y.F. Chang Foundation/US-China Education Trust, $20,000

Paul Sherwin, Humanities, Strategic Language Initiative Studies Center, Subaward: CSU Long Beach Foundation, Prime: Department of Defense, $250,000

Marjorie Weiss, Head Start Program, Preschool for All 2010-11, First 5 - San Francisco, $407,891

Jiaxin Xie, Office of International Programs, HANBAN People's Republic of China, Confucius Institute at SFSU 2011, $100,000



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