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Volume 58, Number 30    April 18, 2011         

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Union fates
In an April 11 UK-based Guardian newspaper opinion piece, Associate Professor and Director of Labor Studies John Logan analyzed recent state assaults on public-sector unions. "Make no mistake: this fight is primarily about political power, not about public sector finances," Logan said. "The battle over collective bargaining rights for public sector employees at the state level is far from lost… But in the long term, American labour cannot win this battle unless it can also find a way to grow private sector union membership."

Kurdistan protests
Associate Professor of Political Science Nicole Watts commented on the significance of the protests in Iraqi Kurdistan for an April 9 article on "These protests definitely represent a much broader movement for change than just a few groups of disgruntled citizens," Watts said. "The well-organized nature of these protests, the coherence and consistency of the demands, and the broad cross-section of society involved all speak to the general level of dissatisfaction with the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government)…."

Who you know
Professor of Management John Sullivan was interviewed for an April 8 National Public Radio report on the growing use of employee referral programs by corporations. "If your company's not doing a lot of hiring, it's critical that you get the right people for those few positions -- and employee referrals just (turn) out to be the best method to do that," Sullivan said.


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