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Volume 61, Number 8    October 7, 2013         

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Becoming American
Professor of History Abdiel Onate commented on California Assembly Bill AB1401, which would make green card holders eligible to serve jury duty for a Sept. 29 article in The California Report. "When you apply for citizenship, then you will see you have performed already the obligations and know what citizenship requires," Oñate said. "Not only do you have rights, but obligations also (as) a citizen."

Participatory music
Associate Professor of Music and Dance Wendell Hanna and Instructional Technologies Lecturer Kevin Kelly discussed how Internet technology can benefit music education in an Oct. 1 Hispanic Business article. "Music literacy, at its most basic level, is considered the ability to read and write music notation," they wrote. "However, many students are still managing to compose, arrange, improvise and participate in music making through new Web 2.0 technologies outside of traditional music classes and without any formal knowledge of music notation."

Trend versus fluctuations
Associate Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences Leonard Sklar coauthored an Oct. 2 opinion piece on The Daily Climate that compares the short- and long-term trends in the stock market to similar trends in global warming. "For both the rising stock market, and the warming global temperature, the long-term trend completely overwhelms the short-term fluctuations," Sklar wrote. "Not everyone can afford to invest in the stock market. But when it comes to investing in climate policies, none of us can afford to wait any longer. Collectively, we must invest now in climate policies that recognize the long-term trend of increasing global temperatures. Nothing less than our children’s future depends on it."


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