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Volume 60, Number 12    November 4, 2013         

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In Memoriam

Melvin Henderson
Professor Emeritus of Art Melvin O. Henderson passed away on Oct. 4 in his home in Nevada City, Calif. He was 91 years old. Henderson was born in Colfax, Calif., raised in nearby Iowa Hill and went on to become an Army Air Corps pilot in World War II, a gold miner, sculptor, conceptual artist and professor of art at SF State, where he taught until his retirement in 1979. In 1983, he became a Djerassi Resident Artist, where he returned six more times through the winter of 2006. Among the marks he left on the Djerassi artists' acreage was a mill titled "Water Wheel" that powered a stone to rise and fall to "stamp out evil."

Henderson was a remarkable whistler and loved classical music, fresh corn and watching birds. He was a well-known Northern California artist, whose art expressed his deep connection to the land and his ideas about peace and justice. He is fondly remembered as a generous and supportive person who touched the lives of countless students, friends and family for whom he opened the door of possibilities for a richer life.

He is survived by his wife, Susan Rannells, his sister, Evelyn Skeels, his daughters, Jilline Henderson and Kate Rannells, his son, Thayrn Henderson, and his nieces, nephew and granddaughter. Henderson's obituary may be viewed at The Union's website.


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