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Volume 61, Number 16    December 9, 2013         

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Sharing their stories
Professor and Chair of Cinema Daniel Bernardi was featured in a Nov. 13 KNTV NBC's "Bay Area Proud" segment about the Veteran Documentary Corps, an online library of short documentaries about the experiences of veterans during their service and their return home. "There was both an awkwardness and -- I mean this in the most general terms of the word -- ignorance of what it was like, a lack of knowledge," Bernardi said about the difficulties veterans face on their return home. More than 100 films are planned.

Labor progress
Associate Professor and Director of Labor Studies John Logan commented for a Nov. 29 International Business Times report on the National Labor Relations Board ruling against WalMart for illegal acts against workers' protected activities in 14 states. The retaliatory attitude is not "the result of overzealous actions by a few rogue managers at isolated stores," Logan said. "Instead, it appears to be part of a concerted and systematic company-wide effort to silence courageous employees who speak out against low wages and poor conditions.

Finding a balance
Senior Director of Strategic Technology Joellen Fung commented for a Dec. 2 ZDNet article about the pitfalls of the growing corporate trend of requiring employees to use their own electronic equipment. "Clearly a service has to emerge to track corporate data usage and bill directly to the enterprise. The issue is tracking corporate vs. public usage over the Internet instead of an app. It's also unclear where privacy, billing and mobile device management lines begin and end," Fung said.

Line in the sand
Professor of Political Science Aaron Belkin discussed the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to end legal discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender individuals in the military for a Dec. 3 WFAE 90.7 report. "People who opposed gays in the military were exactly right to do so" (for strategic reasons), Belkin said. "They realized the military is so widely revered in American society that if they could draw the line in the sand there, they could prevent gays from locking in rights in other parts of society.


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