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Volume 55, Number 21   February 11, 2008         

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Personally professional
A Jan. 31 Wall Street Journal article addresses a situation in which a business mentor’s personal life may interfere with professional relationships. Assistant Professor of Management Mitchell Marks advises, "Keep in mind you don't know exactly what [is] going on in the mentor's personal life.” While he urges professionals against jumping to conclusions, Marks noted, “part of being a mentor is being a role model. … but it's your choice to receive the information."

Reliving Russia
In a Feb. 3 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, Professor Emerita of Russian Ludmila Ershov commented on the San Francisco Russian Festival and its efforts to keep Russian culture alive for future generations. While the festival is held at The Russia Center of San Francisco with a 70-year track record, the article notes that older immigrants worry that young Russian Americans, who often refuse to learn Russian, will not keep the tradition alive. "We all are getting older, and we really don't know who is going to be in charge of the festival in the future," Ershov said.

Demythologizing education
In a Feb. 4 Marin Independent Journal opinion piece, Professor of Secondary Education Mark Phillips addresses common misconceptions about teaching and education. In response to the myth that ‘anyone can teach,’ Phillips explains, “Anyone also can do brain surgery, but the patient will die. The knowledge, skills and characteristics needed to teach effectively are no less than those needed to be a good surgeon. Expertise is no guarantee of being able to effectively teach a subject.”

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