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President Corrigan
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a word from the president

The CUSP II strategic plan is a remarkable document. Brief and deceptively simple, it encompasses within just seven goals an ambitious yet achievable plan of action for the University over the next five years. As with CUSP I, the development of this plan engaged the time, energy, and best ideas of hundreds of people across campus. Once again, the University community demonstrated its understanding of this institution and interest in helping to shape its future.

From the commissioners themselves to the many other faculty, staff, and students who joined planning groups, responded to surveys, and offered suggestions for early drafts, all who were a part of CUSP II also showed that they appreciate the strengths of this campus, yet are willing to set their sights still higher.

From its title -- "A Bridge to Opportunity"-- to the vision statement, and through the seven goals themselves, this plan is based on values that are dear and familiar to San Francisco State University: equity and social justice, community engagement, international perspectives, and opportunities for personal and professional growth for all on campus. At the same time, the plan takes a fresh look at several aspects of the University and commits us to bold new initiatives, particularly in the areas of graduate education and student writing proficiency.

A special strength of this strategic plan is its action-oriented format. For each goal, the plan lays out specific objectives, identifies the outcomes we seek, and concludes with a set of strategies for achieving those aims. In a sense, the plan is both travelogue and roadmap -- both visionary and pragmatic.

I believe that as you familiarize yourself with "A Bridge to Opportunity," you will see, as I do, the aspirations of a mature university community, one that knows itself well, asks much of itself, and looks forward with confidence to its shared future.

Robert A. Corrigan, President
August 2005

University Strategic Plan Goals 2005 - 2010 -- A Summary

San Francisco State University demonstrates commitment to its core values
of equity and social justice through the diversity of its students and employees;
the content and delivery of its academic programs and support systems;
and the opportunities for both campus and external constituencies to engage
in meaningful discourse and activity.

San Francisco State University makes writing central to education
and ensures that its graduates write proficiently.

San Francisco State University offers high-quality post-baccalaureate education
widely recognized for its intellectual value and contribution to society.

San Francisco State University provides its students, faculty, and staff
with international experiences, perspectives, and competencies.

San Francisco State University provides its students, faculty, and staff with
the resources that enable them to participate fully in University life.

San Francisco State University is a recognized leader in providing intellectual,
social, and cultural resources to the expanded community.

San Francisco State University's internal and external constituencies understand
its purpose and value and find these a source of connection and pride.


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