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CUSP II Reportacknowledgments

president's message introduction vision strategic plan acknowledgments


Robert A. Corrigan, President
Eunice Aaron, Lecturer, Black Studies [2002-2003]
David Abella, President, Associated Students, Inc. [Fall 2004]
Natalie Batista, President, Associated Students, Inc. [2003-2004]
Roger Bland, Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Rudolph Busby, Professor, Speech and Communication Studies
Wan-Lee Cheng, Associate Dean, College of Creative Arts
Robert Cherny, Past Academic Senate Chair and Professor, History
Jason Cole, Online Teaching Support Specialist, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching
James Collier, Vice President, University Advancement
Caran Colvin, Academic Senate Chair and Professor, Psychology [Fall 2004]
James Edwards, Academic Senate Chair and Professor, Design and Industry [2003-2004]
Ned Fielden, Associate Librarian, J.P. Leonard Library
John Gemello, Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
Marlon Hom, Professor and Chair, Asian American Studies
Thomas La Belle, Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs [2002]
Eileen Levy, Director, School of Social Work
Paul Longmore, Professor, History
Leroy Morishita, Vice President, Administration and Finance
Ronda Newt-Scott, President Associated Students, Inc. [2002-2003]
Mark Phillips, Professor, Secondary Education [2002-2003]
Gerald Platt, Dean, College of Business
J.E. (Penny) Saffold, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Ukina Sanford, Graduate Student Biology
Don Scoble, Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Sanjit Sengupta, Professor and Chair, Marketing
Vanessa Sheared, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Education
Dawn Terrell, Associate Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Pamela Vaughn, Past Academic Senate Chair and Chair, Classics & Comparative and World Literature Departments
Penny Warren, Associate Clinical Director, Counseling and Psychological Services [2002-2003]
Gail Whitaker, Associate Vice President Academic Program Development
Yenbo Wu, Director, International Programs
Don Zingale, Dean, College of Health and Human Services
Zelinda Zingaro, Coordinator, Academic Space Planning and Utilization, Academic Affairs

Ex Officio
Richard Giardina, Associate Vice President, Academic Planning and Assessment
Patricia Bartscher, University Counsel
Sheila McClear, Director of Special Projects, Office of the President

Staff Support to the Commission:
Fred Castro, Staff Operations Analyst, Office of the President

Planning Group Chairs:
The Academic Experience: Ned Fielden and Paul Longmore
The Student Experience: Rudolph Busby and Vanessa Sheared
The Employee Experience: Jason Cole, Pamela Vaughn, and Zelinda Zingaro
The University and its Environment: Gerald Platt and Don Scoble
Editors: Sheila McClear, Richard Giardina
Editorial Support: Janet Wade
Design: Rena Buchgraber
Photography: Rena Buchgraber, Gino de Grandis, R. Mayer, Chris Rosales

The Commission on University Strategic Planning is especially thankful to the scores of faculty, staff, students, and administrators who served on CUSP II's planning groups throughout the strategic planning process.

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