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Guidelines for greener campus living

Aug. 11, 2011 -- SF State students moving into campus housing on Aug. 17 are encouraged to live sustainably.

Caitlin Steele, campus sustainability programs manager, says that green living starts with packing. She recommends students pack essentials in reusable containers that can double for storage.

“If cardboard is used, make arrangements to store it at home or off-campus to re-use in the spring when moving out,” Steele said. Since little space is available for storage in most campus housing units, Steele also advises students not to bring large quantities of supplies. Appliances like carpet sweepers are not necessary as campus housing provides these.

Jim Bolinger, director of University Property Management, suggests that every student (and faculty and staff member) invest in reusable containers for water and coffee, and make a point of using them when making on-campus purchases.A photo of students sorting recycling.

Once on campus, keep reusable bags handy for toting groceries and bookstore purchases, and for off-campus trips, make cycling or public transportation a priority. Campus housing leaders urge campus residents to be mindful of all the purchases they make throughout the year. Do not buy more than you can take home in the spring, and if you have to part with items, plan on donating to charities, not landfills.

All students are expected not only to recycle but to compost. “One of the best things any of us on campus can do is practice the recommendations in our recycling and composting guides,” Bolinger said.  He noted that the guidelines are posted in every residence building and throughout the campus.

This year the sustainability program and University Property Management have issued a flyer, “Top Ten Tips for a Sustainable Move-In and Life at SF State,” which includes ways to curb energy use, for example closing windows, turning down the heat and turning off lights and appliances before heading out to class or a bite to eat.

SF State is a leader in sustainability. The University was named one of the nation’s top environmentally-responsible colleges by the Princeton Review. In 2010, the Sierra Club ranked SF State among America’s 100 greenest colleges.

Students can find out just how green they are by testing their carbon footprint. Complete a quick survey.


-- Denize Springer


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