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SF State in the News 2005

A selection of recent stories about the San Francisco State University community that have appeared in the media.

Note: These summaries link directly to pages published by the media outlets cited. They may offer free online access for a limited time only (e.g. one week from publication), or may discontinue live links at any time. All links open in a new window.


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History Professor Jules Tygiel is quoted in this opinion piece on direct democracy. Sierra Sun 12/23/05 (free registration required)

Read this opinion piece by Marketing Lecturer Jeff Saperstein, on challenges that could benefit from a broad response from the Jewish community. j. 12/23/05

A San Francisco police officer facing charges of illegal acts conducted while on duty befriended his victim at SFSU. San Jose Mercury News12/23/04 (free registration required); San Francisco Chronicle 12/22/05; KESQ News 12/23/05;San Francisco Examiner 12/23/05

Alum Petra DeJesus is newly appointed to the San Francisco Police Commission. CBS 5 News 12/22/05

Professor of Special Education Stanley Goldberg's book "Ready to Learn: How to Help Your Preschooler Succeed" is featured as the how-to book of the week. Newsday 12/19/05

Nikki Galvan. a graduate student studying exercise physiology, says "People need to be concerned about body-fat percentage, not weight and pounds." The (Alameda) Times-Star 12/19/05

Marketing Professor and Chair Sanjit Sengupta says the internet "has created a new class of entrepreneurs." San Francisco Chronicle 12/19/05

San Francisco voters prefer ranked-choice voting. CBS 5 News 12/19/05

Canada College has enrolled 73 nursing students since a partnership program with SFSU was launched last year. San Mateo County Times12/19/05

Read Library Collection Development Coordinator David Hellman's review of "A Good Place for the Night." San Francisco Chronicle12/18/05

A fictional version of alum Oscar Pearanda's birth story in included in his story collection, "Seasons by the Bay." Asian Week 12/16/05

San Francisco voters prefer ranked-choice voting by a margin of 3 to 1 according to a study conducted by SFSU. San Francisco Examiner 12/16/05

The Bay Institute, in partnership with SFSU's San Francisco Bay Estuarine Research Reserve, hopes to buy and run the Aquarium of the Bay. San Francisco Examiner 12/16/05

Alum Claire McAuliffe is named a partner at Hodge/Niederer/Cariani, a San Francisco-based executive and board search firm. San Francisco Business Times 12/16/05

This opinion piece by author Gary Tobin references an anti-Semitic flyer distributed by SFSU students three years ago. j. 12/16/05

In this column on hate crime hoaxes, an SFSU incident where a a black student admitted to scratching "NIGG" on a dorm room door and writing herself a note with the same epithet is cited. Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald 12/15/05 (free registration required); Desert Dispatch 12/21/05

The death of alum Sandy Young "remains a mystery to San Francisco homicide investigators and her family." San Francisco Chronicle 12/15/05

Alum Michael Corrigan publishes his third book, the novel "Byron." Boise Weekly 12/14/05

A formula developed by Economics Chair Philip King results in a sea wall fee for beachfront property owners. San Diego Union Tribune 12/14/05 (free registration required)

Read this opinion piece on what California can learn from the Korean cloning scandal, co-authored by History Lecturer Tina Stevens. San Francisco Chronicle 12/13/05

Student Aaron Nemoyten and his film about a local rock band are featured. Wall Street Journal 12/13/05

History Professor Mary Festiner talks about arthritis and her new book, "Out of Joint." KQED Forum 12/12/05

"Having the [Confucius] institute here positions SFSU as a school that takes international study very seriously,'' said Yenbo Wu, SFSU director of international programs. San Jose Mercury News 12/12/05 (free registration required); San Francisco Chronicle 12/11/05

Alum Juan Fuentes, the artist and printmaker who designed the well-known red and black poster honoring the late Cesar Chavez, is featured. Napa Valley Register 12/12/05

Yenbo Wu, director of international programs, comments on the addition of a Mandarin language program in a San Francisco public school. San Francisco Examiner 12/11/05

Read this opinion piece on recent statewide propositions concerning prescription drugs, by Ramon Castellblanch, assistant professor of health education. Sacramento Bee 12/10/05

Joseph McBride, assistant professor of cinema, says it’s a smart move to use former Motion Picture Assn. of America head Jack Valenti to conduct federal lobbying. Los Angeles Times 12/9/05 (free registration required)

John Calloway, lecturer in music, is called "an essential participant on the Northern California Latin jazz scene for the past quarter century." San Francisco Chronicle 12/9/05

Charles Egan, associate professor of foreign languages and literatures, comments on efforts to discover and preserve poems from Angel Island. San Jose Mercury News 12/9/05 (free registration required); SF Gate 12/9/05; CNN.com 12/11/05 (free registration required); Indianapolis Star 12/13/05; Monterey Herald 12/11/05; Salt Lake Tribune 12/9/05; Arizona Central 12/19/05

Alum Fadi Masarweh talks about the Jewish-Arab partnership behind Palomares Café in Castro Valley. j. 12/09/05

Austin Long-Scott, associate professor of journalism, comments on a news release hoax. Contra Costa Times 12/8/05 (free registration required)

Alum Michelle DeYoung, an opera singer called "one of the more gifted mezzos of her generation," is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 12/8/05

Supporters brand arrest of African American professor as racist. San Francisco Sentinel 12/7/05

Family tries to cope with son's death from fall on campus. Contra Costa Times 12/6/05 (free registration required)

Africana Studies Professor Theophile Obenga's research demonstrating that ancient Egypt was peopled by indigenous Africans is cited. The (South Florida) Sun-Sentinel 12/5/05

Alum Robin Sweeny of Sausalito is profiled. Marin Independent Journal 12/5/05

Alum Steve Monahan runs for a seat on the board that oversees the Santa Cruz County library system. Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/5/05

Alum Sue Lempert steps down from San Mateo City Council this week, after more than 30 years of political and civic service. San Francisco Examiner 12/5/05

SFSU professor charged with assault appears in court. CBS5 News 12/5/05

SFSU to open a new downtown campus. San Francisco Chronicle 12/4/05

The student-run news Web site, [X]press online, has been honored for the second straight year with the Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker award, one of the top honors in collegiate journalism. West County Times 12/4/05 (free registration required)

Alum Ben Fong-Torres says grad student Irene McGee's radio show, "No One's Listening," which airs on KSFS, is "worth a listen." San Francisco Chronicle 12/4/05

Andrei Tsygankov, assistant professor of political science and international relations, comments on a parliamentary election in Russia. San Francisco Chronicle 12/3/05

Alum Lynn Hershman Leeson, "a pioneer of performance, feminist and interactive-video art," is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 12/3/05

Russell Kilday-Hicks, CAD/graphics coordinator in Capital Planning, Design and Construction, said he once experienced workplace bullying firsthand. Los Angeles Times 12/5/05 (free registration required)

Student Ivan Zimmerman is fatally injured Saturday after a fall on campus. San Francisco Chronicle 12/5/05; Los Angeles Times 12/5/05 (free registration required); Oakland Tribune 12/5/05; San Mateo County Times 12/5/05; Tri-Valley Herald 12/5/05; KESQ 13 News 12/5/05; NBC 11 News 12/5/05; The (Hayward) Daily Review 12/5/05; CBS 5 News 12/5/05;Contra Costa Times 12/4/05 (free registration required); ABC 7 News 12/4/05;San Diego Union Tribune 12/4/05 (free registration required); San Jose Mercury News 12/4/05 (free registration required)

"It is about evolving -- reflecting where the discipline is today,'' said Professor Dorothy Tsuruta, about the newly named Africana Studies department that she chairs. San Jose Mercury News 12/4/05 (free registration required); The Kansas City Star 12/11/05

Racial tensions at SFSU are explored. Oakland Tribune 12/4/05; The (Hayward) Daily Review 12/9/05

SFSU's former campus in Hayes Valley is slated for retail and apartment development. San Francisco Chronicle 12/2/05

Read Associate Professor of Raza Studies Alejandro Murguia's article on the diversity of creation stories, particularly indigenous creation stories. Indian Country Today 12/1/05

Alum Anne Rice, author of the new book "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt," is featured. Christianity Today 12/1/05

Alum Susan Kennedy is named Chief of Staff to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. American Chronicle 12/1/05

A portion of the AIDS Memorial Quilt is on display at the Cesar Chavez Student Center in recognition of World AIDS Day. San Francisco Chronicle 12/1/05


Alum Roger DeBeers talks about how the "Season of Sharing" fund helped turn his life around. San Francisco Chronicle 11/30/05

Read this opinion piece by graduate student Thomas Gangale on the launching of a northern California congressional campaign. Petaluma Argus-Courier 11/30/05

Student Molly Bramsay talks about a financial aid scam that falsely promises government grants. CBS5 News 11/29/05

SFSU is cited as a university that has tried to bar military recruiters from campus. Davis Enterprise 11/29/05

Alum Phil Ferrigno, Lincoln High School football coach, is profiled. San Francisco Examiner 11/22/05

Read this letter to the editor from Jewish Studies Professors Fred Astren and Marc Dollinger, commending more than 300 SFSU students who "sat together and listened to an Israeli singer offer his musical hope for reconciliation." j 11/18/05 (third item)

Read the latest in Daniel DeFord's newspaper columns about his life as a university student. Daily Breeze 11/28/05

Filmmaker and interactive artist Lynn Hershman Leeson, an SFSU alum, is featured. The New York Times 11/27/05 (free registration required)

At age 73, alum Arlene Evans has her first novel published. Auburn Journal 11/27/05

Rufus Browning, professor emeritus of political science, comments on the appeal of ethnic media. Centre Daily Times 11/27/05

Read Library Collection Development Coordinator David Hellman's review of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' "Memories of My Melancholy Whores." San Francisco Chronicle 11/27/05

Student Anouk Bachman talks about why she likes one of San Francisco's newest fashion retailers, H&M. Los Angeles Times 11/24/05 (free registration required)

In announcing a digital sister cities initiative at a press conference held at SFSU, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom says "There's a way to compete where we also can collaborate." San Francisco Chronicle 11/23/05

Alum and Concord City Council member Helen Allen is appointed to Cal State East Bay's advisory board. Contra Costa Times 11/23/05 (free registration required)

Alum George Nessman is San Jose State's new men's basketball coach. San Jose Mercury News 11/23/05 (free registration required); Monterrey County Herald 11/23/05 (free registration required)

Escort and author Veronica Monet discussed her new book with an SFSU class. San Francisco Chronicle 11/23/05

Student Susan Parker writes about her playwriting workshop with Roy Conboy, chair of theatre arts. Berkeley Daily Planet 11/22/05

Assistant Professor of Music Jassen Todorov talks about training actor Richard Gere "to look good, like a real violinist," for the movie "Bee Season." Oakland Tribune 11/22/05

SFSU is named one of 50 Web Smart Pacesetters, for its planned software improvements. BusinessWeek 11/21/05

History Professor Jerald Combs, commenting on the Iraq war, says "there is no way to prevent the debate when the war is a war of choice as this one was and when things are going so badly." Contra Costa Times 11/19/05 (free registration required)

Gil Herdt, Director of the National Sexuality Resource Center at SFSU, says "There is reluctance on the part of some college professors to teach human sexuality, to handle controversial issues." Cincinnati Enquirer 11/21/05

New downtown campus slated for January 2007 at Westfield San Francisco Centre. MSNBC.com 11/20/05; CBS5 News 11/20/05; San Francisco Chronicle 11/19/05; San Francisco Examiner 11/20/05; San Francisco Business Times 11/18/05

Erik Rosegard, associate professor of recreation and leisure studies, comments on trends in spas and spa treatments. San Francisco Chronicle 11/20/05

A Public Research Institute study of families with children in San Francisco is cited. San Francisco Chronicle 11/20/05

Citing accomplished alumni who attended state universities, this column notes that Annette Bening and Dana Carvey attended SFSU. San Francisco Chronicle 11/20/05

Edward Luby, associate professor of museum studies, says that shell mounds -- ancient sites where Native Americans buried human remains and shells -- are found across the country and world. San Jose Mercury News 11/19/05 (free registration required)

Student Terry Marashlian showcases his art installation of salt pillars at San Francisco's Ocean Beach. Tri-Valley Herald 11/19/05; Oakland Tribune 11/19/05

Him Mark Lai and Phil Choy, "pioneers in promoting the learning of Chinese American history," received the President's Medal of Honor from SFSU President Robert Corrigan. Asian Week 11/18/05

Student Flannery Fitch writes about her devotion to the Harry Potter books and movies. Monterey County Herald 11/18/05

Music Lecturer Andrew Speight plays alto saxophone on "Marsalis Music Honors Jimmy Cobb," recorded by Artist-in-Residence Branford Marsalis' music label. All About Jazz 11/18/05

Daly City to seek funding for three bike lane projects that may impact SFSU commuters. San Francisco Examiner 11/17/05

Alum Bill Thomas, R-Bakersfield, is a chief sponsor of a bill aimed at preserving and restoring camps used for internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. San Francisco Chronicle 11/17/05

Students at Westmoor High School in Daly City will hold an event to protest military recruitment at schools; speakers from SFSU invited. San Jose Mercury News 11/17/05 (free registration required)

Alum Billy Griffin, owner of New Moon Natural Foods and the Tahoe City Store, talks about the appeal of the region. Tahoe World 11/16/05

Alum Val Alexeeff is named Santa Clara County planning director. CBS5 News 11/16/05

Jan Null, adjunct professor of meteorology, says, "I've tried to do statistical significances of what does a dry October mean, and there's no correlation." The (Fremont) Argus 11/16/05, Oakland Tribune 11/16/05

Alum B.D. Wong, actor and author, is featured. AfterElton 11/16/05

North Bay Bancorp appoints alum Patrick E. Phelan executive vice president and chief financial officer. Napa Valley Register 11/14/05; The (Vacaville) Reporter 11/20/05

SFSU will host the first Confucius Institute in the Western U.S., established by the Chinese government to bolster cultural diplomacy and help foreigners learn the language. San Jose Mercury News 11/14/05 (free registration required); Contra Costa Times 11/14/05 (free registration required)

Student Vernon Phan is among the bilingual volunteers of Viet Bay Area Katrina, helping Gulf Coast families. The (Fremont) Argus 11/14/05; Hayward Daily Review 11/15/05

Alum Molly Giles, author and University of Arkansas professor, is featured. Northwest Arkansas Times 11/14/05

Campus to celebrate International Education Week Nov. 14-19. San Francisco Chronicle 11/13/05

Student Rada Ivanov comments on the Web site MySpace: "You start to get addicted, and it's almost like voyeurism. " ABC7 News 11/13/05

Commenting on the Bay Area rental market, student Ayana Ivery says "I feel like I got a good place for a good price." San Francisco Chronicle 11/13/05

Read this profile of Toni Mirosevich, associate professor of creative writing. San Francisco Chronicle 11/11/05; San Francisco Chronicle 11/18/05

Several SFSU awards are mentioned in Heather Knight's "School Notes" column. San Francisco Chronicle 11/11/05

Read the latest in student Daniel DeFord's regular columns. The Daily Breeze 11/11/05

Student Thomas Gangale writes a Veteran's Day commentary. Berkeley Daily Planet 11/11/05

Alum Kevin Brooks mentioned in an article about Vietnam veterans whose sons are in the military. Lompoc Record 11/11/05; Santa Maria Times 11/11/05

Alum Gwen Chan will become the first Chinese American to lead San Francisco Unified School District after current superintendent Arelene Ackerman steps down next spring. San Francisco Chronicle 11/10/05

Student Michael Accorsi, a teacher at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, is featured. San Jose Mercury News 11/10/05 (free registration required)

Alum Chris Allan-Fabing, a teacher at Kathryn Hughes Elementary School in Santa Clara, is featured. San Jose Mercury News 11/10/05 (free registration required)

The SFSU Family Enterprise Center is cited as a source of classes and networking opportunities for family businesses. San Francisco Chronicle 11/9/05

Paul Rundell, who coached the SFSU men's basketball team to four conference championships and one NCAA regional title in the 1960s, died Sunday. San Francisco Chronicle 11/9/05

Alum Sarah Klein is a new strings instructor at local schools. Sulphur Springs (Tex.) News Telegram 11/6/05

Student Chelsea Ozawa comments on how her cell phone has become part of her lifestyle. San Francisco Chronicle 11/7/05; Evansville Courier and Press 11/8/05

The perfect ballot initiative has yet to be written, this editorial states, "(Although the two-sentence proposition proposed by San Francisco State professor Jules Tygiel in these pages last Sunday comes pretty close: 'There shall be no further initiatives. All previous initiatives may be modified by a majority vote of the Legislature.')" Los Angeles Times 11/6/05 (free registration required)

Political Science Professor Robert C. Smith and Africana Studies Associate Professor Shawn Ginwright comment on the candidacy of alum Ron Dellums for Oakland mayor. Boston Globe 11/6/05

The writer talks about interviewing Rosa Parks during a visit to SFSU. (South Florida) Sun-Sentinel 11/6/05

Protests against military recruiters have become common in recent months at SFSU and other locations. San Jose Mercury News 11/6/05 (free registration required)

Student Rocheall Pierre, a social work intern at Balboa Teen Health Center, comments on the value of teen health clinics. San Francisco Chronicle 11/4/05

The School of Nursing and its alumni celebrate its 50th anniversary Saturday at campus events. San Francisco Chronicle 11/4/05

Assistant Professor of Sociology Christopher Carrington, commenting on a study of crystal use among gay men, says "As you stigmatize you get less reliant data. ... I am not convinced there has been a change in behavior." Bay Area Reporter 11/3/05; San Jose Mercury News 11/4/05 (free registration required)

Professor and Chair of Journalism John Burks, commenting on the proposed sale of Knight Ridder Inc., says "To expect high profits in this climate, in these times, with newspapers facing what they are facing -- that sounds nuts.'' San Jose Mercury News 11/3/05 (free registration required)

Panel to probe arrest of professor. Los Angeles Times 11/3/05 (free registration required)

Alum Steven Pietangelo, a teacher at Kathryn Hughes Elementary School in Santa Clara, is featured. San Jose Mercury News 11/3/05 (free registration required)

Alum Steve Stedman talks about his career as a teacher. Petaluma Argus Courier 11/2/05

Assistant Professor of Management Mitchell Marks says "CEOs who have made acquisitions say that with 20-20 hindsight, what they would manage more aggressively is culture." St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/2/05

Campus protest against military recruitment on Oct. 26 declared "a successful event." Socialist Worker 11/4/05

"We have no future if we don't correct this issue," said Africana Studies Professor Wade Nobles, commenting on the low numbers of African-American college students. The (Fremont) Argus 11/2/05

Professor and Chair of Journalism John Burks, commenting on the potential sale of Knight Ridder Inc., says "Who's crazy enough to want to buy a newspaper (company) today? " San Francisco Chronicle 11/2/05

President Corrigan calls for "a suspension of judgment until a full, clear picture emerges and rumors can be replaced by facts," regarding incident of faculty arrest. Inside Higher Education 11/2/05

Alum Margaret Davenport, once named "Winemaker of the Year," reflects on her career in a male-dominated industry. Bay Area BusinessWoman Nov. 2005

The group "The World Can't Wait - Drive Out The Bush Regime," hopes to organize area colleges, including SFSU, for a national walkout on the anniversary of President Bush's reelection. The (Fremont) Argus 11/2/05

Faculty member arraigned in arrest incident. San Francisco Chronicle 11/2/05; CBS 5 11/1/05

A recent survey by SFSU's Public Research Institute revealed parents' first priority for making San Francisco a better place for families: better schools. San Francisco Examiner 11/1/05

Alum Eboni Warnking of TV30 shares an embarrassing moment in her broadcast career. Tri-Valley Herald 11/1/05

SFSU appoints an independent review of alleged racial profiling after the arrest of a black professor on campus. Contra Costa Times 11/1/05 (free registration required); San Mateo Daily Journal 11/1/05; KESQ News 11/1/05; San Jose Mercury News 10/31/05 (free registration required); SF Gate 10/31/05; CBS 13 News 10/31/05; Fox 11 News 10/31/05; KGET News 10/31/05; The Sacramento Union 10/31/05; CBS 5 News 10/31/05; San Luis Obispo Tribune 10/31/05; KTVU 2 News 10/31/05; Dateline Alabama 10/31/05; Monterey County Herald 10/31/05; NBC 11 11/1/05

Student Natsumi Tsuta comments on a costume at the Castro Street Halloween festivities. San Francisco Chronicle 11/1/05


Christina L. Azocar, adjunct assistant professor of journalism, comments on Halloween parties and academia. Inside Higher Ed 10/31/05

Read this opinion piece by Jules Tygiel, professor of history, advocating a move to abolish California's voter initiatives system. Los Angeles Times 10/30/05 (free registration required)

Gayle Pirie and John Clark, life partners and "high-profile chef-entrepreneurs," met at San Francisco State. San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/05

Former SFSU President S.I. Hayakawa's comment on the Golden Gate Bridge -- "There's something aesthetically pleasing about it" -- is cited. San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/05

Librarian David Hellman reviews "I, Wabenzi: A Souvenir" by Rafi Zabor. San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/05

Student Josef Anolin says scheduling CSU fee increases offers predictability, which only means students will now "know when they won't be able to afford a college education anymore." Los Angeles Times 10/28/05 (free registration required)

Alum Anne Rice tackles religion in her new novel, "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt." Entertainment Weekly 10/28/05 (subscription required)

Alum Diana Tenes, a makeup artist, is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 10/28/05

SFSU among the sponsors of the Serramonte College Fair on Nov. 2. San Francisco Chronicle 10/28/05

Alumnus Jay P. Young pledges $300,000 to the Anthropology Department. San Francisco Chronicle 10/28/05; San Mateo County Times 10/31/05

Alum Jenny Fernald discusses her talent for teaching art to children. Daytona Beach News Journal 10/28/05

Student Vernel Primus talks about his struggles to buy a home in San Francisco. Bay Area Reporter 10/27/05

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom delivers his "State of the City" address at SFSU. San Francisco Chronicle 10/27/05; Oakland Tribune 10/27/05; CBS 5 News 10/26/05; KRON 4 News 10/26/05; KTVU News 10/26/05; San Francisco Sentinel 10/28/05; SF Weekly 11/2/05

Mayor Newsom announces plans for a new high school dedicated to science and technology, with SFSU among the partners. San Jose Mercury News 10/27/05 (free registration required)

Students protest military recruiters at SFSU. Oakland Tribune 10/27/05

Alum Norman Carroll is a candidate for city council in Palo Alto. San Jose Mercury News 10/27/05 (free registration required)

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's "State of the City" address will be given at SFSU "to emphasize the type of partnerships with education The City needs to carry it into the future." San Francisco Examiner 10/26/05

Psychology Lecturer Jeffrey LeRoux says "especially around Halloween you see people testing their boundaries of fear." Oakland Tribune 10/26/05

Alum Kent Nagano to receive honorary degree from McGill University. Playbill Arts 10/26/05

Alum Jake Sloan is inducted into Contra Costa College's alumni hall of fame. Contra Costa Times 10/26/05 (free registration required)

Student Susan Parker writes about her experiences in Associate Professor of Creative Writing Toni Mirosevich’s non-fiction class. Berkeley Daily Planet 10/25/05

Assistant Professor of Sociology Christopher Carrington comments on the likelihood of asexuality being a sexual orientation. Tri-Valley Herald 10/24/05; Oakland Tribune 10/22/05

A new report by SFSU's Public Research Institute reveals nearly half of San Francisco's families with preschool children plan to leave the city within three years. CBS 5 News 10/22/05; San Francisco Chronicle 10/22/05

President Robert A. Corrigan joins Mayor Gavin Newsom to release "Getting Behind the Headlines: Families Leaving San Francisco," a report prepared by SFSU's Public Research Institute. San Francisco Sentinel 10/21/05

Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson's speech at SFSU is quoted. Fox News Special Report with Brit Hume 10/21/05

Alum Robert Patterson talks about his longtime friendship with Ban Ki-moon, the minister of foreign affairs and trade for the Republic of Korea. The (Searcy, Ark.) Daily Citizen 10/21/05

Read the latest in student Daniel DeFord's regular columns. The Daily Breeze 10/21/05

Nursing student and single mother Eva Perez receives one of four scholarships awarded by the California governor's office so she can finish her studies. San Jose Mercury News 10/21/05 (free registration required)

Alum Leland Lee, California Assembly speaker pro tempore, D-San Francisco, to speak at the Millbrae Library. San Mateo County Times 10/21/05

Read this profile of Debra Fischer, assistant professor of physics and astronomy. Now Toronto 10/20/05

Joseph Wilson, husband of outed CIA agent, speaks at SF State. Hayward Daily Review 10/19/05;
Oakland Tribune 10/20/05

Heather Sisneros is named women's volleyball coach at Laney College. Inside Bay Area 10/19/05

SF State research on tracking warbler migration is cited. Berkeley Daily Planet 10/18/05

Professor Emeritus Marshall Windmiller discusses the recent Iraqi vote. KQED Forum 10/18/05

Alum Curtis Choy's documentary "What's Wrong with Frank Chin?" is nominated for the Hawaii International Film Festival's Golden Maile prize. Honolulu Star-Bulletin 10/19/05

Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Jan Null comments that interiors of parked vehicles can quickly reach "lethal" temperatures. The State (South Carolina) 10/18/05

School board candidates state that partnering with SFSU helps San Mateo County's community college students earn bachelor's degrees. San Mateo County Times 10/17/05

Alum Beth Richmond, an actress, is profiled. Willets News 10/14/05

Alum Marta Williams writes and consults on the topic of communicating intuitively with pets and all forms of life. San Francisco Chronicle 10/14/05

Alum Inez Storer, whose paintings rely "on storytelling to create meaningful images and characters," is profiled. New West (Montana) 10/14/05

Phil Kipper, professor and chair of broadcast and electronic communication arts, comments on rehearsing military troops for a presidential Q&A. ABC7 News 10/13/05

Economics Associate Professor Philip King has formulated a price for the public's loss of recreational opportunities due to the narrowing of a beach. San Diego Union Tribune 10/13/05 (free registration required)

Alum Brian Lewis, a teacher at Foothill College, is profiled. San Jose Mercury News 10/13/05 (free registration required)

In an article on campus protests against military recruiters, SFSU is cited as a campus that saw protests last semester. The Nation 10/12/05

Asian American Studies Lecturer Robert Fung talks about the Chinese exclusion act, in a piece, "Angel Island: American Dreams Shattered." WBUR's Hear and Now 10/10/05

Exit polls conducted by SF State "found that voters of all political persuasions generally preferred" instant runoff voting over run-off elections. The (Lakeland, Fla.) Ledger 10/12/05

Read this profile of alum Gordon Biersch, brewery and restaurant owner. Times Community 10/12/05

In this opinion piece on high school preparation, it is noted that 60 percent of SFSU incoming freshmen take remedial English and/or math. San Francisco Examiner 10/11/05

Student Susan Parker's column addresses "I forgot my homework." Berkeley Daily Planet 10/11/05

Corey Cook, assistant professor of political science, comments on Sen. John McCain's endorsement of Gov. Schwarzenegger's state reform plan. KTVU News 10/10/05

SFSU receives funds to "explore light propagation in two-dimensional optically induced photonic lattices." Photonics BusinessWorld September 2005

Biology Professor Tom Parker, commenting on tree-cutting to reduce fire hazards, says "Even if you just thin (the trees) out, it will keep the fire on the ground." Contra Costa Times 10/10/05 (free registration required)

Alum Ron Dellums, the former U.S. Rep. who has announce plans to run for Oakland's mayor, is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 10/9/05

Alum Patrick Makuakane is the "leading kumu hula, or teacher, in the Bay Area." San Francisco Chronicle 10/9/05

Donna Blakemore is named associate vice president for advancement. San Jose Mercury News 10/8/05 (free registration required)

Following a 1995 fire at Pt. Reyes, rare Marin manzanita and ceanothus are now a major presence, according to Barbara Holzman, associate professor of geography and human environmental studies. San Francisco Chronicle 10/2/05

Alum Yomi Agunbiade, general manager of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 10/7/05

Performance coaches gain popularity among small businesses; their books make it to reading lists at such business schools as SFSU's. Fortune 10/05

Commenting on hurricane recovery efforts, Lecturer Sheila Tully says "local folks have to... make it very, very difficult for any project to move forward without accountability to local activists and local communities." The (Syracuse) New Standard 10/7/05

Activist work by alum Pam Martinez and her husband Ricardo has won support of the Ford Foundation, which awarded them one of 17 Leadership for a Changing World grants of $100,000. Denver Post 10/6/05

Alum Rob Haswell competes for District 4 seat in state Assembly. Sacramento Bee 10/6/05

Read this opinion piece by Patrick Tierney, professor of hospitality management and recreation/leisure studies. Half Moon Bay Review 10/5/05

Alum Kermit Lynch, a wine merchant in Berkeley, is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 10/6/05

Students and volunteers participating in High 5, an outdoor sculpture installation project sponsored by SFSU's International Center for the Arts, create a sod picture near the de Young Museum. San Francisco Chronicle 10/6/05

Professor of Urban Studies Raquel Pinderhughes says "it's unrealistic to assume that a city can function exclusively with a highly educated class." San Francisco Examiner 10/5/05

Alum Hilary Mine is named Alcatel's chief executive officer in the Australasia region. Australian IT 10/4/05

At the height of the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance in 1955, "poet Robert Duncan of San Francisco State [was] at the white-hot center." San Francisco Chronicle 10/4/05

Read this feature on alum Earnest Gaines, whose new collection of stories and essays is titled "Mozart and Leadbelly." Christian Science Monitor 10/4/05

Music critic Jim Harrington, an SFSU alum, jokes that his days at SF State prepared him to critique Sigur Ros, "one of the few vastly original and highly unique voices to be found in modern rock." Oakland Tribune 10/4/05

Alum Jed Ayers, an owner of the MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant in Mendocino, features in a columnist's kayaking journal. San Francisco Chronicle 10/4/05

"Gender has become part of the defining way that youth organize themselves and rebel against adults," says Caitlyn Ryan, director of adolescent health initiatives. Detroit Free Press 10/1/05; San Jose Mercury News 10/1/05 (free registration required); SF Gate 10/1/05; Michigan Live 10/1/05; The (South Carolina) State 10/2/05; Foster's Daily Democrat 10/2/05; Indianapolis Star 10/3/05; Winston-Salem Journal 10/6/05; Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 10/2/05; The Advocate 10/4/05; Wisconsin State Journal 10/10/05

Engineering Lecturer David Calkins talks about the appeal of robotic dogs. San Jose Mercury News 10/3/05; Centre Daily Times 10/3/05

Mary Beth Love, professor and chair of health education, introduces a reporter to the SFSU/Harding Park Golf Course neighborhood. San Francisco Chronicle 10/2/05

Ten years later, Philosophy Professor Mary Anne Warren talks about the Mt. Vision fire's impact on her home. Marin Independent Journal 10/3/05

In this opinion piece, Assistant Professor of Health Education Ramon Castellblanch calls for humane treatment of undocumented aliens displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Centre Daily (State College) 10/1/05


Students Fay Eastman and Sara Henderson, hurricane relief volunteers with the American Red Cross, are featured. San Francisco Chronicle 9/30/05

Student Allison Milham comments on fuel-cell cars touring Northern California. San Jose Mercury News 9/30/05 (free registration required); Grand Forks Herald 9/30/05

Robert Duncan, who "helped run the S.F. State Poetry Center," at the time of the 1955 Six Gallery poetry reading, is cited in this opinion piece. San Francisco Chronicle 9/30/05

Alum Dana Carvey performs in a benefit for victims of Hurricane Katrina. San Jose Mercury News 9/30/05

The SFSU student strike is included in the new documentary, "The Sixties: The Years that Shaped a Generation." PBS 9/29/05

Artist in Residence Branford Marsalis, "one of the leading jazz saxophonists in the world today," to perform with the Hungarian Telekom Symphony Orchestra. The Budapest Sun 9/29/05

In this feature profile of DeAnza Community College President Brian Murphy, he is credited as "the mind behind San Francisco State University's Urban Institute, perhaps the leading institution in the country that connects students with civic work on the ground." Silicon Valley Metro 9/28/05

SFSU Poetry Center among the sponsors of a reading celebrating the anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's first time reading of "Howl;" Peter Coyote (an SFSU alum) to read the poem. San Francisco Chronicle 9/29/05

Alum Jacqui Naylor, a singer dubbed "the next big thing' by JazzTimes, is profiled. Mason City Globe Gazette 9/29/05

Alum Linda Hutcherson is the new principal of Mt. Diablo Elementary School. Contra Costa Times 9/29/05 (free registration required)

Alum Spelman Evans Downer "transform[s] ordinary photographs into works of art." Hi-Desert Star 9/28/05

SFSU part of a consortium involved in a demonstration of "the world's first real-time, international transmission of super high-definition (SHD) 4K digital video." CCN Magazine 9/28/05

"Over the last few years, there has been an increasing attack on sexuality education in the college classroom," said Gilbert Herdt, director of SFSU's National Sexuality Resource Center. Washington Post 9/2705

Comedian Ronnie Schell will host SFSU's "Veterans of Comedy Wars VIII" to raise money for athletic programs. San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/05; Inside Bay Area 9/27/05

Denise Santos Huang has received her masters in violin performance from SFSU. Philippine Daily Inquirer 9/26/05

Alum Philip C. Herback has been named property manager of Park Cattle Company. Tahoe Daily Tribune 9/26/05

Comedian Ronnie Schell talks about the fundraiser he organizes for SFSU athletics, "Veterans of Comedy Wars." Vallejo Times Herald 9/26/05; The (Hayward) Daily Review 9/27/05

William Cochlan, aboard a research vessel off Washington's coast, tests his theory that sewage and other pollutants may be fostering a population boom in toxic algae. Seattle Times 9/25/05; Monterey Herald 9/29/05; Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 9/30/05; Biloxi Sun Herald 9/29/05

Philosophy Professor Jacob Needleman says "Money ... can buy everything except meaning." Los Angeles Times 9/25/05 (free registration required)

Donna Blakemore is appointed to head SFSU's development and alumni relations efforts. San Francisco Examiner 9/25/05

Alum Kim Addonizi, "author of several acclaimed poetry collections," has published her first novel, "Little Beauties." Contra Costa Times 9/25/05 (free registration required)

Student Leigh Wolf, among counter-protesters at a San Francisco anti-war rally, said "There is a different way to peace. This war can come to an end with patriotism instead of a socialist revolution." San Francisco Chronicle 9/25/05

Alum David Inocencio, director and co-founder of the Beat Within, wins the Bay Area Jefferson Award. San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/05

Alum Rinoti Amin talks about her experience working at a non-profit in India, participating in the American India Foundation's Service Corps Fellowship. San Jose Mercury News 9/24/05 (free registration required)

SFSU students join peers in video conference aimed at fighting poverty. Alameda Times-Star 9/23/05

Alum Patricia "Pat" Theophilos is Executive Vice President-Chief Credit Officer of California Savings Bank. Contra Costa Times 9/23/05 (free registration required)

Economics Professor Betty Blecha says "I think the combined effect of these two [Gulf coast] hurricanes will have a depressing effect on the economy." CBS5 News 9/23/05

Research by Carlos Davidson, associate professor of environmental studies, may lead to better protections for the California red-legged frog. Los Angeles Times 9/22/05 (free registration required)

Professor Emeritus Nontsizi Cayou is credited as a co-founder of the African dance movement in the Bay Area that has evolved into Afro-Haitian dance. Oakland Tribune 9/23/05

Alum Jimmy Price, "as horn players go…a quadruple threat," is featured. The (Vacaville) Reporter 9/23/05

Alum Hallie Han, a middle school teacher in Los Gatos, is featured. San Jose Mercury News 9/22/05

Political Science Professor Rich DeLeon, who studied instant run-off voting in San Francisco, says "even those that came in opposing it, 15 percent were persuaded the other direction" after trying the system. Mother Jones 9/21/05

Alum Earnest Gaines talks about the effects of Hurricane Katrina on his native Louisiana and his writing. Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9/21/05; San Jose Mercury News 9/21/05; SFGate 9/21/05; The (South Mississippi) Sun Herald 9/22/05; Vancouver Sun 9/26/05

Student Thomas Gangale writes about proposed federal election reforms. San Francisco Examiner 9/21/05

Symphony of the Mountains Music Director/Conductor Cyrus Ginwala announces he has accepted a faculty position as SFSU Director of Orchestras. The Business Journal of Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia 9/21/05

CSU East Bay President Norma Rees says the university's name change has lifted its reputation to a status comparable to San Francisco State and San Jose State. Oakland Tribune 9/21/05; Tri-Valley Herald 9/22/05

Nearby Harding Park Golf Course preps for PGA tournament; SFSU to offer paid event parking. Contra Costa Times 9/21/05 (free registration required); Monterey County Herald 9/21/05

"The sum of the evening amounted to a dazzlingly new experience," writes this reviewer of the Morrison Artists Series season opener. San Francisco Classical Voice 9/20/05

Management Professor Murray Silverman talks about his plans for a "green" burial. Sydney Morning Herald 9/21/05

Student Nancy Marquez talks about her involvement in youth programs and social justice. Contra Costa Times 9/20/05 (free registration required)

Alums Greg Brockbank and Barbara Dolan, candidates for College of Marin Board of Trustees, discuss their platforms. Marin Independent Journal 9/20/05

Alum Malcolm Leissring talks about his research to understand Alzheimer's disease. Palm Beach Post 9/19/05

Political Science Professor Rich DeLeon comments on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. San Francisco Examiner 9/18/05

SFSU geology department studies rate the Maacama Fault, between Santa Rosa and Laytonvilleas, "one of the fastest creeping faults in California." Ukiah Daily Journal 9/18/05

Alum Daniel Hoffman emigrates to Israel with a goal of bringing klezmer music back to the country. San Francisco Chronicle 9/18/05

With Constitution Day activities, "We want to show how this affects the lives of people right now," said History Professor Robert Cherny. The (Hayward) Daily Review 9/17/05

"The circumstances were emphatically right" at the 50th season opener of the Morrison Artists Series. San Francisco Chronicle 9/17/05

Raza Studies Professor Jose Cuellar and his "Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band," help celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Visalia. Fresno Bee 9/16/05

Alum Pamela M. Johnson, author of four books, says "I'm at the beginning of a trend where black people are self-publishing and doing quite well." San Francisco Chronicle 9/16/05

Alum Nancy Valente, a zooarchaeologist, is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 9/16/05

Alum Forrest Patten, who writes television musical scores, recalls his first encounter with children's television legend Bob March, who played "Captain Satellite." San Francisco Chronicle 9/16/05

Alum Ann Flynn talks about her service on the Walnut Creek Arts Commission. Contra Costa Times 9/15/05 (free registration required)

Alum Don Katz, owner of the Symposium Wine Bar in Irvine, is featured. Orange County Register 9/15/05

Connie Ulasewicz, associate professor of consumer and family studies, designed new uniforms for girls at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall. San Mateo County Times 9/15/05

Read student Sean Castillo's interview with Michael Showalter, the "master of absurdist comedy." Contra Costa Times 9/15/05 (free registration required)

Student Ross Lockhart's photo blog is cited in this piece about online journals. Petaluma Argus Courier 9/14/05

Alum Mourad Lahlou, chef at the "acclaimed San Francisco restaurant Aziza," is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 9/14/05; Monterey County Herald 9/21/05

Alon Shalev, new director of San Francisco Hillel, has "inherited a good relationship with SFSU administrators from his predecessor,
Seth Brysk. …" J. 9/9/05

History Professor Mary Felstiner, in this letter to the editor, says "I am proud to say the University where I teach…will take displaced [by Hurricane Katrina] students at resident fees." San Jose Mercury News 9/12/05 (free registration required)

Women Studies Lecturer Sheila Tully writes in a letter to the editor that "There is little that is "natural" about this [Hurricane Katrina] disaster." San Francisco Chronicle 9/12/05

History Professor Jules Tygiel says voters are becoming weary of predictions that losing pro teams would devastate cities. Kansas City Star 9/11/05 (free registration required)

Art Professor Stephen Wilson developed "a video game you can play with your own DNA and those of others," featured in the "Animal Nature" exhibition at Carnegie Mellon's Regina Gouger Miller Gallery. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 9/11/05

A New York real estate investment firm "appears to be in line to buy" the 3,500-unit Parkmerced apartment complex near SFSU. San Francisco Chronicle 9/11/05

SFSU among the universities that will serve as venues when San Francisco hosts the 2008 International Children's Games. San Francisco Sentinel 9/9/05; San Francisco Chronicle 9/9/05

Saul Gropman, artistic director of the Morrison Artists Series, says "We've always been about presenting young groups, bringing them here for the first time and taking chances." Contra Costa Times 9/9/05 (free registration required)

"Public Eavesdropping" features a student comment about SFSU freshmen. San Francisco Chronicle 9/9/05 (last item)

Alum Charles C. Thomas, a "teacher, an actor, musician, poet, model and dancer," is featured. McAlester News-Capital (Southeast Oklahoma) 9/8/05

President Robert A. Corrigan praises the record of outgoing San Francisco schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman, in this letter to the editor. San Francisco Chronicle 9/8/05

A report conducted by SFSU's Public Research Institute shows that nearly two-thirds of Californians have a positive opinion about the overall performance of the state's courts. San Francisco Chronicle 9/8/05; North County Times 9/7/05

Journalism Professor John Burks comments on the popularity of celebrity magazines. Oakland Tribune 9/8/05

Political Science Professor Gerard Heather says Governor Schwarzenegger's political base will be pleased by his promise to veto a gay marriage bill. San Francisco Examiner 9/7/05

The Morrison Artists Series at SFSU, "one of the Bay Area's best-kept cultural secrets," is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 9/7/05

Alum Elizabeth Hans McCrone is named general manager of public radio station KHSU-FM. The Eureka Reporter 9/7/05

Art Professor Mark Johnson discusses the art of California labor. KQED Forum 9/5/05

Campus to accept Gulf region students affected by Hurricane Katrina. San Francisco Examiner 9/6/05

Senior Research Scientist William Cochlan leads a research team trying to understand domoic acid, which has sickened hundreds of West Coast sea lions. Marin Independent Journal 9/6/05

Alum Lorraine Sintetos recalls waitressing in San Francisco while attending the University. Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/5/05

Alum Liz Boeder, artist and race car driver, is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 9/3/05

Political Science Professor Robert C. Smith says the Hurricane Katrina disaster will place more pressure on the president "both for budgetary reasons, and for resource reasons, to bring the troops home." CBS 5 News 9/2/05

Alum Laurel Ollstein, an actress and playwright, directs her husband Murray Meyer in the San Francisco Film Festival's "Walking Back to Brooklyn." j. 9/2/05

Alum Eido Frances Carney, talks about the Olympia Zen Center, of which she is a key founder. The Olympian 9/2/05

Read the latest in student Daniel DeFord's regular columns. The Daily Breeze 9/2/05

"I think its a potential political time bomb,” says Political Science Professor Gerald Heather of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. CBS5 News 9/1/05

Political Science Professor Robert C. Smith said that pictures and footage of New Orleans looting "wlll reinforce the image of black people as criminals." The Seattle Times 9/1/05

A study conducted by Gerontology Professor Brian DeVries demonstrates the need for gay senior housing in the Bay Area. Winston-Salem Journal 9/1/05

Alum Sharon McKnight, "the outlaw of cabaret," is featured. Provincetown Banner 9/1/05

Student Chelsea Chamness' dad, Larry, will run the Nike Women's Marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this fall to celebrate Chelsea's fifth year leukemia-free. San Diego Union Tribune 9/1/05 (free registration required)

Alum Kevin Wickersham is the new principal of Greenville High School. Plumas County News 9/1/05


Professor Emeritus Leo Litwak discusses his books, "The Medic: Life and Death in the Last Days of WWII" and "Nobody's Baby." KQED Forum 8/31/05

Student Susan Parker, in this regular column, explores procrastination. Berkeley Daily Planet 8/30/05

Campus to receive federal funds to help recruit high school students into undergraduate studies leading to nursing careers. San Mateo County Times 8/30/05

Alum Clark Wolf, the renowned "arbiter of American taste at home and in restaurants," is featured. Santa Rosa Press Democrat 8/28/05

The Romberg Tiburon Center seeks clean-up help for military debris on its Tiburon shores. San Francisco Chronicle 8/28/05

Student When Chung talks about the appeal of the ancient Chinese sport of dragon boating. San Francisco Chronicle 8/26/05

SFSU research on the heat-escalation dangers in enclosed cars is cited in this editorial. Muskogee Phoenix (Oklahoma) 8/26/05

Alum Eve-Marie Andrews talks about the college re-entry program she developed at College of the Desert. The Desert Sun 8/24/05

The mother of alum Srijaya Dalton, who was killed in a 19th Avenue accident, applauds pending legislation to double traffic fines on the avenue. San Francisco Examiner 8/23/05

Jan Null, an adjunct professor of meteorology, states that on average, the temperature inside a vehicle rises 43 degrees in an hour. Fort Worth Star-Telegram 8/23/05 (free registration required)

SFSU has made $25 a day parking spaces available for those attending Harding Park Golf Course's first PGA event since 1968, the American Express Championships. San Francisco Examiner 8/23/05

With 1,003 applications for 120 open spaces, SFSU finds nursing is "very, very competitive right now," said nursing school director Beatrice Yorker. San Mateo County Times 8/20/05; The Tri-Valley Herald 8/21/05; The (Hayward) Daily Review 8/21/05; The (Fremont) Argus 8/22/05

Alum Peter Galpin, "the only surgeon in the United States to start and complete his medical and surgical training from a wheelchair," participated last month in ceremonies observing the Americans with Disabilities Act's anniversary. Honolulu Star Bulletin 8/22/05

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan's appearance at an SFSU rally is cited. The Boston Globe 8/22/05; The Rush Limbaugh Show 8/24/05; Kennebec Journal (Maine) 8/26/05; Rocky Mountain News 8/26/05

Read graduate student Thomas Gangale's opinion piece on the presidential primary system. Berkeley Daily Planet 8/26/05

Alum Gloria Nusse, who creates forensic facial reconstructions, is featured. The (Hayward) Daily Review 8/21/05

SFSU freshmen moving into dorms are featured. San Francisco Examiner 8/18/05

SFSU's AMBA program in Redwood City is one of the many part-time MBA programs in Silicon Valley. San Jose Mercury News 8/21/05

"There's someone to show you ways to do something you might not have thought of yourself," said Maxine Chernoff, chair of creative writing, on the benefit of creative writing programs. San Francisco Chronicle 8/22/05

Joseph Tuman, professor of political communications, comments on how Cindy Sheehan has reignited the debate over the war in Iraq. San Francisco Chronicle 8/18/05

Alum Johnny Mathis performs two concerts in Cerritos. The Long Beach Press-Telegram 8/17/05

"The [Pacific Ocean] ecosystems seem to be getting back to normal," said William Cochlan, senior research scientist at Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies. MSNBC 8/17/05; New York Newsday 8/16/05; San Jose Mercury News 8/16/05 (free registration required); Washington Post 8/16/05; San Francisco Chronicle 8/16/05

A Tennessee boy who died in a hot car Aug. 9 was the 26th such death in the United States this year, according to Jan Null, adjunct professor of meteorology. Bristol Herald Courier 8/17/05

Cristina Azocar, director of the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism, is elected treasurer of the Native American
Journalists Association. Seattle Post-Intelligencer 8/16/05; KGW 8/16/05; Duluth New Tribune 8/16/05; Aberdeen American News 8/16/05

"Any form of self-expression can be therapeutic," David Matsumoto, professor of psychology, says of a Web site that allows users to share their personal secrets. ANG Newspapers 8/16/05

SFSU's course offerings in Arabic are mentioned in a story about the growing interest among Jewish students to learn the language. New California Media 8/15/05; j. 8/12/05

John McWilliams, professor of accounting, is named president of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. San Francisco Chronicle 8/15/05

Rodger Heglar, professor emeritus of anthropology, helps the Marin County coroner identify a body that washed up in West Marin 30 years ago. Marin Independent Journal 8/15/05

A new-media installation by student Shirley Shor is exhibited at a San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art show that highlights the "next new'' talents on the scene. San Jose Mercury News 8/14/05

New men's basketball coach Bill Tressler led "one of the finest (athletic departments) among small Bay Area schools" at Dominican University before joining SFSU. Marin Independent Journal 8/14/05

Student Josh Wolf posts a political video blog called "The Revolution Will Be Televised." San Francisco Chronicle Magazine 8/14/05

Murray Silverman, professor of management, has reserved for himself an environmentally friendly plot in a Mill Valley cemetery. Contra Costa Times 8/14/05

Before playing baseball for the Gators and in the Montreal Expos' minor-league system, alum Greg Bailey played on a Watsonville youth team that reached the Babe Ruth League 16- to 18-year-old World Series. Santa Cruz Sentinel 8/14/05

SFSU's course offerings at College of Marin's Indian Valley campus are mentioned in a story about the potential fate of the "the low-attendance Novato campus." Marin Independent Journal 8/14/05

Alum Mike Holmes is named to the Auburn Community Bank board of directors. Auburn Journal 8/14/05

Alum Diana D. Lewis is named director of the St. Lucie County International Airport in Florida. Palm Beach Post 8/13/05

High school basketball star Decensae White is the son of alum David White, a member of SFSU's Athletics Hall of Fame. San Francisco Chronicle 8/12/05

Alum Kenny Dang says of his SFSU MBA: "It does help me with my current job and allows me to better understand what it is that I do and how it impacts the business in general." San Francisco Business Times 8/11/05

Marshall Windmiller, emeritus professor of international relations, writes about the biennial convention of the Young Democrats of America held Aug. 3-7 in San Francisco. San Francisco Bay Guardian 8/10/05

Alum Trevor Hailey to retire as leader of the "popular 'Cruisin' the Castro' walking tour." San Francisco Chronicle 8/10/05

Journalism student Diana Spencer dies in auto accident. San Mateo County Times 8/10/05

Alum Jinho Ferreira aka "Piper" discusses his Oakland rock/hip-hop fusion group Flipsyde. ANG Newspapers 8/9/05

Alum Renee Kilmer is the new vice president of instruction at Cabrillo College. Santa Cruz Sentinel 8/8/05

William Cochlan, senior research scientist at Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, reports that, in spite of earlier concerns about the West Coast oceanic ecosystem, "the food chain is totally back to normal." Marin Independent Journal 8/7/05

Alum Ben Fong-Torres mentions alum and former KABL DJ Carter Smith in his "Radio Waves" column. San Francisco Chronicle 8/7/05

Alum Charlotte Moraga "found [her] calling" as a dancer of Kathak, an East Indian style of dance, while a student at SFSU. Kolkata Newsline 8/7/05

Stock car racer Kayleigh Loe plans to study classical music and opera on campus this fall. The Lompoc Record 8/7/05

The 2004 death of Beverly Kees, a journalism lecturer who was struck and killed by a truck, has motivated pedestrian activists in San Francisco. San Francisco Examiner 8/7/05

Alum Tim Hallenbeck promoted to supervisor senior auditor in Lindquist LLP's payroll compliance department. ANG Newspapers 8/7/05

Alum Paul Ryan has been named host of public television's "America's Heartland." High Plains Journal 8/5/05

Scientists from SFSU's Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies provide testing for Marin's desalination plant, which held an Aug. 6 open house. Marin Independent Journal 8/5/05

Read this interview with alum and poet Barbara Jane Reyes. St. Paul Asian American Press 8/5/05

Biology Lecturer Ann Auleb talks about using classroom response systems to aid teaching and discussion. CNet News 8/5/05

Alum Diana Cage "talks and writes about sex with self-sacrificing honesty and disarming humor." San Francisco Chronicle 8/5/05

Read the latest in student Daniel DeFord's regular column. Daily Breeze 8/5/05

Queer Studies are now offered at dozens of colleges and universities, including SFSU where a student can minor in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Studies. Proud Parenting 8/5/05

Student Leon Breckenridge writes that "the Western World is scared of Black and Brown young men." SF Bay View 8/5/05

Alum Tony Perrone, a retired school principal in Millbrae, talks about his Navy service. Oakland Tribune 8/5/05

Michelle Wolf, professor of broadcast and electronic communication arts, discusses how to "read" mass media critically. KQED Forum 8/3/05

Student Justin Kelly won a music video competition at New Langton Arts for his clip on the group "Hey Willpower." San Francisco Bay Guardian 8/3/05

Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Jan Null, commenting on children's death by hyperthermia, says "It is not a disease, but it is an epidemic." Lexington Herald-Leader 8/3/05

This opinion piece on San Francisco's cable television contract urges, among other things, that cable take advantage of "already prestigious degree programs in broadcast journalism and film" at SFSU and City College. San Francisco Bay Guardian 8/3/05

Artist and art designer Mark Canepa, who over the years designed floats for the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl parades, studied at SF State. West County Times 8/3/05

Criticism of black intellectual scholarship "has been around since the first black studies program rose from the ashes of pain and protest at San Francisco State University in 1968." Village Voice 8/2/05

Veteran political strategist Sam Rodriguez to lead SFSU government relations. American Chronicle 8/1/05

An SFSU report on city street maintenance spurs this editorial calling for better coordination. San Francisco Examiner 8/1/05

A sculpture heart near campus is victim of a theft. San Francisco Chronicle 8/1/05


"Historians have had a blind spot for lynching for a long time," says History Professor Christopher Waldrep. Florence (S.C.) Morning News 7/31/05; Richlands News-Press 8/2/05

Alum Jeffrey Tambor, now starring on Broadway in "Glengarry Glen Ross," is featured. Playbill 7/31/05

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom appoints alum Heidi Machen executive director of the San Francisco Taxicab Commission. American Chronicle 7/29/05

SF State athletics is drawing more coaches from Marin County in its recent hires. Marin Independent Journal 7/29/05

Alum Tom Bressan, a co-founder of the Urban Farmer Store in Richmond, has helped popularize drip irrigation in the United States. San Francisco Chronicle 7/29/05

Students Dan Xiong, Feng Hao Yu and Charlotte Ely are noted for recent achievements. San Francisco Chronicle 7/29/05

New College of California proposes education-related uses for a former SF State site in Hayes Valley. San Francisco Chronicle 7/29/05

Sheldon Axler, dean of the College of Science and Engineering, is a candidate for the American Association for the Advancement of Science's electorate nominating committee. Science 7/29/05

According to an SFSU-conducted study, "The City would have more streets that serve motorists, mass transit, pedestrians and bicyclists alike if there was more communication between government agencies and a more comprehensive design standard for city streets." San Francisco Examiner 7/28/05

An SFSU study finds a relationship between residential parking spaces and driving choices. San Francisco Examiner 7/28/05

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom names alum Yomi Agunbiade director of the Recreation and Parks Department. American Chronicle 7/28/05

Student Sam Kelete, commenting on the Supreme Court's ruling on file-sharing software, says "There will always be someone who will do this. It's just too big to stop it." San Francisco Chronicle 7/28/05

In a recent SFSU study, 20 percent of 171 young children who died of hyperthermia in parked cars were intentionally left in the vehicle by an adult. (South Fla.) Sun-Sentinel 7/28/05

"A car is not a toy, a car is not a playground and certainly not a baby sitter," said Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Jan Null. Gainesville (Fla.) Times 7/28/05

Alum David Reilly, a teacher at Redwood City's Sequoia High School, is featured. San Jose Mercury News 7/28/05

The Bay Area's "best classes in arachnology and bat biology" are offered at SFSU's Sierra Nevada field campus. San Francisco Bay Guardian 7/27/05

Benito Vergara, assistant professor of Asian American studies, says the nine-year struggle against eviction from San Francisco's International Hotel "is a 'touchstone' for Asian-Americans that he teaches in virtually all his classes." San Francisco Examiner 7/27/05

Alum Trish Haas joins Lovejoy Hospice in Grants Pass, Ore., as a bereavement coordinator. Grants Pass News 7/27/05

In a feature on MFA student Elizabeth Gjelten, she talks about an uncanny parallel between recent life events and her play, "What the Birds Carry." San Francisco Chronicle 7/27/05

Incoming student Qui Chen comments on her recently completed AmeriCorps service. San Francisco Examiner 7/27/05

Brad Fox, new high school principal in Brewer, Maine, is profiled. Bangor Daily News 7/27/05

The SFSU Colima Project, which sends students to teach art classes in El Salvador, is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 7/26/05

Jamal Cooks, assistant professor of secondary education, sets his sights on bringing the C.A. Track Club, which he founded and coaches, to the AAU Junior National Games in New Orleans. Contra Costa Times 7/26/05 (free registration required)

SFSU research on temperature changes in closed automobiles is cited. Stamford Advocate 7/26/05

Biology Professor Hal Markowitz, "one of the leading authorities on enrichment," comments on enrichment exercises used by zoos. Baltimore Sun 7/25/05; Arizona Republic 7/23/05; The (South Carolina) State 7/23/05

Alum Richard Wallace Love is author of "an integral part of gay pop culture history," the book "Song of the Loon." San Jose Mercury News 7/25/05

Alum Sturdivant McKee talks about the physical therapy profession. San Francisco Chronicle 7/25/05

Alum David Braga, a special education teacher in Turlock, is profiled. Modesto Bee 7/25/05

Student Stephen Colletti, a cast member of MTV's "Laguna Beach," says "People come up to me on the street, giving me advice on the girls. It's hilarious." Orange County Register 7/24/05

Read the review by David Hellman, library collection development coordinator, of Cormac McCarthy’s new novel. San Francisco Chronicle 7/24/05

Philip King, associate professor of economics, says "tourism is now a critical component of the coastal economy, and it's likely to become even more important over the next 20 years." San Diego Union-Tribune 7/23/05 (free registration required)

There are more unplanned pregnancies in the United States than in any other country, according to SFSU's National Sexuality Resource Center. San Jose Mercury News 7/23/05

Counseling Professor Robert Chope discusses the vocational school alternative to college. KQED Forum 7/22/05

"Big-voiced jazz singer" Jacqui Naylor, an SFSU alum, is featured. San Jose Mercury News 7/22/05

Professor Emeritus Manfred Wolf discusses cultural literacy in the 21st century. KQED Forum 7/21/05

Alum Cathy Burton, a Tomales High School language teacher, was awarded the Knight of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, President of the Republic of Italy. Point Reyes Light 7/21/05

Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Jan Null is an author of a new research study that highlights the danger of leaving children in parked cars -- even on mild days. Louisville Courier-Journal 7/21/05

In a feature on bridges built for a student competition, it's noted that SFSU "took home the most [prize] money, $1,700, by placing first in four categories and third in the other two." Columbia Missourian 7/21/05

Alum Steven Taddei, a teacher in the San Jose area, is featured. San Jose Mercury News 7/21/05

Student Abby Mikael, a close friend of Berkeley shooting victim Meleia Willis-Starbuck, comments on investigation of the incident. San Francisco Chronicle 7/21/05

Adjunct professor of meteorology Jan Null says nine children nationwide have died since July 4 after being left in hot automobiles. KATC News 7/20/05; Aberdeen American News 7/20/05; Channel Oklahoma 7/20/05; KLFY News 7/21/05; Black Hills Pioneer 7/21/05

Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies Bill Michaelis comments on Americans' approaches to leisure and vacations. East Bay Express 7/20/05

Joel Schechter, theatre arts professor, comments on Cirque du Soleil. Slate 7/20/05; National Post (Canada) 7/23/05

The Creative Arts building once again hosts the annual Seaside Summer Music Academy. Pacifica Tribune 7/20/05

Art Professor Richard Mann, an authority on El Greco, is cited in a feature on "fancy forensic work" used to authenticate paintings. The Macon Telegraph 7/20/05; Myrtle Beach Sun News 7/20/05

Campus to taking a "wait and see" approach to offering digital music services to students. San Francisco Examiner 7/20/05

Alum Nao Roi finds her jewelry business, Glam Glam, taking off. San Jose Mercury News 7/20/05 (free registration required); Contra Costa Times 7/24/05

The football career of alum Dean Triggas is recalled as his son pursues the sport. San Jose Mercury News 7/20/05 (free registration required)

Early exoplanet discoveries by alum Paul Butler and Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy Geoffrey Marcy are cited. New York Times 7/19/05 (free registration required); Rutland Herald 7/20/05; Salt Lake Tribune 7/25/05

Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Jan Null comments on the Bay Area's recent hot weather. San Jose Mercury News 7/19/05 (free registration required)

Alum Tom Miller, whose books continue the stories of Sherlock Holmes, is featured. Redlands Daily Facts 7/18/05

Debra Fischer, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, comments on the observations of an amateur astronomer. The (Hayward) Daily Review 7/17/05; Tri-Valley Herald 7/18/05; Oakland Tribune 7/18/05; The (Fremont) Argus 7/21/05

Alum Linda Kramer, whose carnival portraits are showing in New York's Foley Gallery, is interviewed. Contra Costa Times 7/17/05

SFSU among several Universities participating in the Bahia project where high school students help preserve wetlands. Sacramento Bee 7/17/05 (free registration required)

Student Shameka West gets support for transitioning from foster care to university life. San Jose Mercury News 7/16/05

Alum Alex Borstein, a co-producer and writer of Fox television's "Family Guy," is featured. j. 7/15/05

Alum Frances Mayes permanently leaves Marin to live under the Tuscan sun. Marin Independent Journal 7/15/05

Alum Susan Latta dreams of establishing a medical clinic in Isleton. Lodi News-Sentinel 7/15/05

Philosophy Professor Jacob Needleman comments on growing interest in Mary Magdalene. National Catholic Reporter 7/15/05

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom creates a Digital Media Advisory Council in collaboration with SFSU’s Institute for Next Generation Internet. American Chronicle 7/14/05; San Francisco Chronicle 7/14/05

Professor of Social Work Felix Rivera talks about his passion for suiseki, stones formed by and shaped by natural forces. San Francisco Chronicle 7/13/05

Suspect in student attack near campus is arrested. San Francisco Examiner 7/13/05; CBS5 News 7/13/05; San Jose Mercury News 7/14/05

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce leader Lee Blitch to become vice president at SFSU. San Francisco Chronicle 7/12/05; San Francisco Examiner 7/11/05; San Francisco Business Times 7/11/05

Robert Hutson, associate vice president of facilities and service enterprises, is considered for a San Carlos committee to study city shuttle service. San Francisco Examiner 7/11/05

Fred Astren, professor and director of Jewish Studies, calls a summer institute for Israel Studies "an eye- opener," that gives him the opportunity to engage with top scholars in the field. Jewish Times (Baltimore) 7/11/05

SFSU names Sam Rodriguez senior director of government and community relations. San Francisco Examiner 7/10/05

Former IBM executive Nancy Hayes is named dean of the College of Business. San Francisco Chronicle 7/11/05; San Francisco Examiner 7/10/05

Alum Robert Johnson, an artist, is featured. Mail Tribune (Southern Oregon) 7/10/05

Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Jan Null says 35 children died from heat exhaustion after being left unattended in automobiles last year. Guardian Unlimited (United Kingdom) 7/11/05; Raleigh News Observer 7/11/05; San Jose Mercury News 7/11/05; Macon Telegraph 7/11/05

History Professor Jules Tygiel comments on "baseball's conscience," Lester Rodney, getting credit for fighting racism in the sport. San Francisco Chronicle 7/10/05

Jan Null, adjunct professor of meteorology, is co-author of a study showing that cool, sunny days still cause a dangerous rise in temperature inside a vehicle. San Francisco Chronicle 7/8/05

Alum Roy Nee is working to upgrade The Shattuck Hotel with the help of his extended family and a partnership with Starwood Hotels. Berkeley Daily Planet 7/8/05

"I'm telling students now that as much as possible, we need the name of your source for it to be a credible story,'' said Cristina Azocar, director of the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism, in reaction to the jailing of New York Times reporter Judith Miller. San Francisco Chronicle 7/7/05

Alum Arline Siam, a teacher in Redwood City, is profiled. San Jose Mercury News 7/7/05

Louis Falik, professor of counseling, discusses the Mediated Learning Experience approach to developing cognitive skills. Malaysia Star 7/7/05

SFSU tops Black Issues in Higher Education survey in the number of business degrees awarded to Asian Americans. San Francisco Examiner 7/6/05

Adam Burke, assistant professor of health education, cautions that the findings of a recent study claiming acupuncture doesn't help patients with fibromyalgia are not conclusive. New York Newsday 7/6/05; Worcester Telegram 7/6/05; PhillyBurbs 7/6/05; The Ledger 7/6/05; Centre Daily Times 7/6/05; Washington Observer Reporter 7/6/05; Tucson Citizen 7/6/05; WTOP 7/6/05; NEPA News 7/6/05; North County Times 7/6/05; CTV 7/6/05; KATU News 7/9/05; Foster's Daily Democrat 7/30/05

Actress Judith Marx studied drama at SF State. Back Stage 7/6/05

Last spring's efforts to block military recruiters on campus cited in a story on activists plan to qualify an anti-recruitment initiative for the November ballot in San Francisco. San Francisco Bay Guardian 7/6/05

Graham Wilson, emeritus professor of English and former department chair, dies at age 89. San Francisco Chronicle 7/4/05

Alum Ted Griggs, executive producer of Fox Sports Net Bay Area and "multiple Northern California Emmy award winner," is profiled. Marin Independent Journal 7/3/05

College of San Mateo's partnership with SFSU to offer classes at its Indian Valley campus is mentioned. Marin Independent Journal 7/3/05

"Bioartist" Steven Kurtz, who is "accused of illegally obtaining two ... bacteria samples," was "not allowed to stage a [previous] project at San Francisco State University." 7/3/05 International Herald Tribune

Jan Null, adjunct professor of meteorology, says that it is "impossible to predict how much fog will roll in" and affect the July 4 fireworks shows around the Bay Area. San Francisco Chronicle 7/2/05

Alum Armando Ramirez named Trejo Librarian of the Year for "exemplary contributions to the library profession in the service of the Latino community." Half Moon Bay Review 7/1/05

A new device for monitoring ocean conditions, developed by SFSU scientists in conjunction with technology companies, was demonstrated at the JavaOne conference. Marin Independent Journal 7/1/05

A new planet discovered by team led by SFSU's Debra Fischer, assistant professor of astronomy, has the largest solid core ever encountered. San Mateo County Times 7/5/05; Oakland Tribune 7/2/05; The Argus 7/2/05; Alameda Times Star 7/2/05; The (Hayward) Daily Review 7/2/05; Universe Today 7/2/05; Astrobiology 7/1/05; PysOrg.com News 7/1/05

Acclaimed director George Lucas "was going to go to San Francisco State to get my degree in anthropology," but was steered to USC where he "fell in love with film." Chicago Sun-Times 7/1/05

Read graduate student Thomas Gangale's opinion piece on the sweat-shop nature of political organizers. Petaluma Argus-Courier 7/1/05

Students Feng Haoyu and Dan Xiong are featured for their award-winning industrial design. Business Week Online 7/4/05


A pilot project involving SFSU students, Willow Glen High School journalism students and Mercury News staffers won second place in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication's Innovative Outreach to Scholastic Journalism Program. San Jose Mercury News (third item) 6/30/05

Professor of Human Sexuality Studies Deborah Tolman comments on the phenomenon of "rainbow parties" among youth. The New York Times 6/30/05 (free registration required); Arizona Republic 6/30/05

Alum Angela Cadelago wins the 2005 Delaware Contest for Young Musicians' vocal prize. Cape Gazette 6/30/05

University Counsel Patty Bartscher will step up to conduct the band that brings Fourth of July music to Half Moon Bay celebrations. Half Moon Bay Review 6/29/05

A study by SFSU and Golden Gate Weather Services reveals that "eight child deaths in America this year were a direct result of the children being left in parked, unattended vehicles." Bowling Green Daily News 6/29/05

Alum Dennis Moler, a library acquisition clerk, is featured. Newport News Times 6/29/05

Health Education Lecturer Roma Guy is nominated for "1,000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005," which seeks to recognize the work of women as peacemakers. San Francisco Chronicle 6/29/05

Dance Professor Albirda Rose comments on the career of dance legend Katherine Dunham and her influence on Rose's career. St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6/29/05

Alum Stephanie Miller announces run for Phoenix city council. The Arizona Republic 6/29/05

International Relations Professor and Chair Sanjoy Banerjee says, "I don't think the Downing Street Memo hurts the White House a great deal. I think the progress of the war in Iraq is beginning to hurt the White House." ABC7 News 6/28/05

Alum Cynthia LeBlanc is named interim superintendent of the 32,000-student West Contra Costa School District. Contra Costa Times 6/28/05

Gil Herdt, Director of SFSU's National Sexuality Resource Center, says, "We need to learn how to talk about sex and treat it as a normal part of development, and we need to get real scientific information out there to combat all this fear and shame and rage.'' San Jose Mercury News 6/28/05

"It's just too big to stop it," says student Sam Kelete, commenting on downloading free music from the Internet. San Francisco Chronicle 6/28/05

College of Creative Arts Dean Keith Morrison is tapped to be new dean of Philadelphia's Tyler School of Art. San Francisco Chronicle 6/28/05

Student work by Mary DeNardo and Amy Payne, now graduates, is featured in the Sunday magazine; Creative Writing Chair Maxine Chernoff nominated their work for inclusion. San Francisco Chronicle 6/26/05

Assistant Professor of Human Sexuality Studies Niels Teunis says to have a sustained public demonstration of racism "out in the street
in the very central part of the Castro -- it's a new moment in the history of the community." San Francisco Chronicle 6/26/05

City of San Francisco efforts to lure computer animation, visual effects and gaming companies to the city may include partnerships with universities such as SFSU. MSNBC.com 6/26/05

Biology Professor Dennis Desjardin, "a rock star in the world of mushrooms" who has identified 150 new species, is featured. Tucson Citizen 6/21/05; Napa Valley Register 6/24/05; USA Today 6/25/05; San Jose Mercury News 6/25/05; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 6/25/05; Salon 6/25/05; Los Angeles Times 6/25/05 (free registration required); San Diego Union-Tribune 6/25/05 (free registration required); Marin Independent Journal 6/25/05; SF Gate 6/25/05; North County Times 6/25/05; Pioneer Press 6/25/05; Charlotte Observer 6/25/05; Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 6/25/05; RedNova.com 6/25/05; Bucks County Courier Times 6/25/05; Lexington Herald Leader 6/25/05; Aberdeen American News 6/25/05; Tuscaloosa News 6/25/05; (Raleigh) News & Observer 6/25/05; Miami Herald 6/25/05; Washington Post 6/25/05; (New York) Newsday 6/25/05; Macon Telegraph 6/25/05; Guardian Unlimited (UK) 6/25/05; The Wichita Eagle 6/25/05; The State 6/25/05; The Philadelphia Inquirer 6/25/05; Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 6/25/05; Centre Daily Times 6/25/05; Kansas City Star 6/25/05; Willkes Barre Times-Leader 6/25/05; Tallahassee Democrat 6/25/05; The (Fort Wayne) News-Sentinel 6/25/05; Wilmington Morning Star 6/25/05; Worcester Telegram 6/25/05; The Oregonian 6/25/05; The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune 6/25/05; Akron Beacon Journal 6/25/05; Grand Forks Herald 6/25/05; Myrtle Beach Sun News 6/25/05; Star-Telegram (Fort Worth) 6/25/05; Bradenton (Fla.) Herald 6/25/05; Duluth News Tribune 6/25/05; Orange County Register 6/26/05; Salt Lake Tribune 6/26/05; Daily Breeze 6/27/05; Youngstown (Ohio) Vindicator 6/26/05; Monterey County Herald 6/26/05; Contra Costa Times 6/26/05; The Caspar Star Tribune 6/26/05; Winnipeg Sun 6/27/05; Mail & Guardian (South Africa) 6/27/05; Independent (South Africa) 6/27/05; Biloxi Sun Herald 6/27/05; San Luis Obispo Tribune 6/27/05; The (South Florida) Ledger 6/27/05; Orlando Sentinel 7/03/05

Alum Jim Hammermeister, retiring woodworking instructor, is featured. Hood River News 6/25/05

Alum Glen Kuiper, his brothers and fathers, team up for Oakland A's/San Francisco Giants broadcast. Chicago Tribune 6/25/05; SF Gate 6/25/05

Miriam Smith, assistant professor of broadcast and electronic communications arts, says the timing is good for Logo, the first cable network aimed at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender viewers, to tap into the lucrative cable ad market. Philadelphia Gay News 6/24/05

The future of a former SF State campus is under review by the San Francisco Planning Department. San Francisco Chronicle 6/24/05

Read the latest in student Daniel DeFord’s series of regular columns about student life. Daily Breeze 6/24/05

Professor of Speech and Communication Studies Joe Tuman writes about Oakland runner Jenn Ray, set to tackle the Western States 100-mile run. Contra Costa Times 6/24/05

An eBay seller offers a rare Egyptian sculpture; the only other known pieces are in private collections or on display at SFSU and other museums. San Jose Business Journal 6/23/05

Alum Sharon Bearce is among painters featured in the show, "Peninsula Landscapes: New Approaches," at the Peninsula Museum of Art in Belmont. Oakland Tribune 6/23/05

Alum Kathleen Won, a teacher in Redwood City, is profiled. San Jose Mercury News 6/23/05

More than 250 sex researchers convene at SFSU this week to tackle "moral panic." CBS5 News 6/22/05; Washington Blade 6/24/05

The "maverick novel" by alum Richard Amory, "Song of the Loon," has been newly reissued. San Francisco Bay Guardian 6/22/05

Professor Emeritus Herbert Zettl comments on Comcast cable’s plan to offer FM radio service in Marin. Marin Independent Journal 6/22/05

Dance Professor Albirda Rose, commenting on dance legend Katherine Dunham, says "she touched bases in so many ways beyond Broadway and Hollywood." Investor’s Business Daily 6/22/05

International sexuality conference at SFSU to address "moral panics," says Gil Herdt, National Sexuality Resource Center director. Oakland Tribune 6/22/05; The (Hayward) Daily Review 6/22/05; Alameda Times-Star 6/22/05; The (Fremont) Argus 6/22/05; San Mateo County Times 6/22/05

Alum John Moreno, "a premier marathon runner in the 1980s" and SFSU cross-country all-American, is inducted into the San Mateo County Sports Hall of Fame. San Mateo County Times 6/22/04

Alum John Jermanis, city manager of San Leandro, is featured. The (Hayward) Daily Review 6/22/05

SFSU graduates and administrators talk about older students' path to their diplomas. Los Angeles Times 6/21/05 (free registration required)

An analysis by Conservation Genetics Lab Director Frank Cipriano, which revealed the presence of whale and dolphin meat in Japanese pet food, is cited. The Japan Times 6/21/05

Creative Writing Lecturer Anne Galjour, "best known for her play 'Alligator Tales,'" debuts a work in progress at The Marsh. Oakland Tribune 6/21/05

Alum Glen Kuiper, who does television play-by-play for the Oakland A's, is featured with his brothers Jeff and Duane -- also broadcast professionals. Oakland Tribune 6/21/05

Student Tatiana Menaker says students on such American campuses as SFSU are getting "Soviet-originated style propaganda teaching them to hate America." Christian Broadcasting Network 6/21/05

A class on the history and literature of baseball, taught by History Professor Jules Tygiel and English Professor Eric Solomon, is featured. Sports Illustrated Extra 6/20/05 (paid subscription required)

Better sexuality education will raise public knowledge and lead to positive public policy," said Gilbert Herdt, director of SFSU's National Sexuality Resource Center. Los Angeles Times 6/19/05; Minneapolis Star Tribune 6/19/05; Washington Post 6/19/05; Miami Herald 6/19/05 (free registration required); Boston Globe 6/19/05; Newsday 6/19/05;Toronto Sun 6/20/05; Philadelphia Inquirer 6/20/05; Arizona Republic 6/20/05 (free registration required); San Jose Mercury News 6/20/05; San Francisco Chronicle 6/20/05; Charlotte Observer 6/20/05; Houston Chronicle 6/20/05; San Mateo County Times 6/20/05; KESQ TV 6/20/05; Kansas City Star 6/20/05; The (Fremont) Argus 6/20/05; Winston-Salem Journal 6/20/05; Canada.com 6/20/05; San Diego Union Tribune 6/20/05; Arizona Daily Sun 6/20/05; Out in America 6/20/05;Barre Montpelier Times Argus 6/20/05; The (Palm Springs) Desert Sun 6/20/05; Monterey County Herald 6/20/05; Fresno Bee 6/20/05; San Mateo Daily Journal 6/20/05; Billings Gazette 6/20/05; Newark Star-Ledger 6/20/05; KGET News 6/20/05; CJAD News 6/19/05; 680 News (Canada) 6/19/05; The San Luis Obispo Tribune 6/19/05;Sarasota Herald Tribune 6/19/05; Macleans (Canada) 6/19/05; Contra Costa Times 6/19/05; Myrtle Beach Sun News 6/19/05; WRAL News 6/19/05; Tallahassee Democrat 6/19/05; New OrleansTimes Picayune 6/19/05; The State (South Carolina) 6/19/05; (Twin Cities) Pioneer Press 6/19/05; WJLA News 6/19/05; Worcester Telegram 6/19/05; Macon Telegraph 6/19/05; Penn Live 6/19/05; The (South Florida) Ledger 6/19/05; Fort Worth Star-Telegram 6/19/05; Akron Beacon Journal 6/19/05; Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 6/19/05; Lexington Dispatch 6/19/05; The Oregonian 6/19/05; Duluth News Tribune 6/19/05; Bradenton (Fla.) Herald 6/19/05; Lexington Herald-Leader 6/19/05; Aberdeen American News 6/19/05; Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 6/19/05; Tuscaloosa News 6/19/05; Grand Forks Herald 6/19/05; Centre Daily Times 6/19/05; Biloxi Sun Herald 6/19/05; Wilmington Morning Star 6/19/05; Guardian Unlimited (UK) 6/19/05; Seattle Post Intelligencer 6/19/05; ABC News.com 6/19/05; Whittier Daily News 6/19/05; India Daily 6/19/05; Sierra Times 6/19/05; Winnipeg Sun 6/19/05

Henry Clay Lindgren, professor emeritus professor of psychology, dies at age 91. San Francisco Chronicle 6/20/05

Alum Dorothy Passarella named Executive Director of the Sierra Pointe retirement community. Rocklin and Roseville Today 6/20/05

Student Kevin Costello is remembered at local graduation ceremony. Monterey County Herald 6/20/05

Yvonne Daley, associate professor of journalism, "profiles a Who's Who of contemporary Green Mountain authors," in her book, "Vermont Writers: A State of Mind." Rutland Herald 6/19/05; Barre Montpelier Times Argus 6/19/05

Student Frank Sanchez is featured on Father's Day, spent with his daughters. San Mateo County Times 6/19/05

Stand-up comic Rex Navarrete, an SFSU alum, is featured. San Francisco Chronicle 6/17/05

Professor Emeritus John Irwin, a "onetime Soledad inmate," was among the graduation speakers at San Quentin State Prison. Marin Independent Journal 6/17/05

Student Nick Waterhouse is guitarist/singer for the band Intelligista, "Huntington Beach's best teenage mod combo." OC Weekly 6/17/05

Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Jan Null says he has tracked 230 deaths between 1998 and 2004 resulting from children being left in hot vehicles, numbers that "are conservative at best." The Huntsville (Ala.) Times 6/16/05 (free registration required)

The "very practical and brilliant book," by Management Professor John Sullivan is cited as a resource. The Financial Gazette (Southern Africa) 6/16/05

Read this column by journalism student Kristi Dyes. San Francisco Bay View 6/15/05

Alum John Moreno, the only cross country All-American in SFSU's history, to be inducted into the San Mateo County Sports Hall of Fame. Pacifica Tribune 6/15/05

The winner of the Irving M. Klein International String Competition held at SFSU is announced. San Francisco Chronicle 6/15/05

Alum Gilbert Melendez, ranked 10th in the world in the sport of mixed martial arts, is featured. SF Weekly 6/15/05

Entertainer Carol Channing says she lost communication with her current husband Harry for 70 years because after high school he went to SFSU and she went to Bennington. Windy City Times 6/15/05

SFSU astronomers on team that finds Earthlike planet. San Francisco Chronicle 6/14/05; Christian Science Monitor 6/14/05; Kansas City infoZine 6/15/05; Kashar News 6/15/05

Nevada law makes intentionally leaving young children alone in vehicles a misdemeanor; SFSU study shows vehicle temperature can rise as much as 19 degrees in 10 minutes. Las Vegas Review-Journal 6/12/05

New SFSU graduate Lucy Wing fielded three job offers this spring, in a "pretty good" job market. San Francisco Examiner 6/12/05

Internships are a good way to break into a career field, according to new SFSU graduate Candance White. San Francisco Examiner 6/12/05

Anthony Kelly, equipment technician in physics and astronomy, brings religious counseling to incarcerated man. San Francisco Chronicle 6/12/05

Jazz legend Paul Desmond, an SFSU alum, is featured. Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 6/12/05

Student Ryan Hicks volunteers to lead bike tours with Trips for Kids. Marin Independent Journal 6/12/05

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