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Yoshiko's Voice


How have increased tuition fees impacted you and your family?:
The tuition increase has definitely impacted me so much. I have been enrolled in SFSU since 2005 and comparing the tuition fee ever since, there is such a huge difference. Before, I was able to pay the tuition on my own without extra need of working hours and still be able to help out my family since I do not get any financial help from my family for school. Ever since I was 16, I had to start working to support myself and help out my family. Ever since the tuition fees hiked up, I started working 2 jobs and eventually affected my studies, due to my working hours and cost of school, there were times where I had to take a semester off and went to school as part time. My friends would always wonder why can┬┐t a get financial aid, for some family and personal reasons I do not qualify to receive government money. Not only that, due to my work performance, my grades have took effect, my GPA was s lowly going down, but not to the point where I was in probation but it is difficult to stay on top with my class, and at the same time keeping up with my 2 job (1 is full time and the other one is part time). I personally think this tuition hike makes no sense to me, why is tuition going up when they are decreasing the number of available classes, also it gives me this idea on how college is only for wealthy people, not for middle class or the minority. It just gives less opportunity for everyone to go to college and shows that poor people are not allowed to excel, which I think is a ridiculous idea. This tuition hike needs an end or needs to come up with a solution to it.


What are you studying at SF State and what do you hope to do once you graduate?:
I am studying biology to purse to go to medical school and become a dermatologist.


Yoshiko K., 25 Japan



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