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Volume 62, Number 33    May 8, 2015         

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A behemoth moves slowly
A analysis of Yahoo on April 30 included commentary by Professor of Management John Sullivan. "Yahoo is slow to change and bureaucratic, and that can easily frustrate individuals from startups that are used to doing things quickly, without having to check with HR or legal," Sullivan observed.

Changing fields is hard to do
Professor of Management Sally Baack commented for a May 3 San Francisco Chronicle article about former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina's run for president. "We would never say inexperience is an indicator of success in science. Or in business. So why would we include it in politics?," Baack said. A May 4 ABC7 News report on the same topic included commentary from Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel. "We find time and time again people who have business experience may not be very able to transfer that kind of experience -- those kinds of skills don't necessarily transfer to the world of governing and representing people in a democratic fashion."

Kids healthier, some more so
Associate Professor of Health Education Emma Sanchez-Vaznaugh was the lead author of a study that found restrictions on selling junk food in California schools have had a positive effect on childhood obesity, but improvements were better among students attending schools in wealthier neighborhoods, California Healthline reported on May 4. "These findings suggest that CF&B [competitive food and beverage] policies may be crucial interventions to prevent child obesity but the degree of their effectiveness is also likely to depend on influences of socioeconomic resources and other contextual factors within school neighborhoods," Sanchez-Vaznaugh wrote. "But the degree of their effectiveness is also likely to depend on influences of socioeconomic resources and other contextual factors within school neighborhoods." The study was published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics and reported on by the Los Angeles Times.

Tough act to follow
A May 5 Seattle Medium article about newly confirmed U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch included insights by Professor of Political Science Robert C. Smith. "It may be unfair to judge her by him [predecessor Eric Holder] but I think that's the way people will assess Lynch. She also only has one-and-a-half years in office, so I don't know if she can do very much," Smith said. "I think black leaders and observers of the Justice Department were very, very pleased with his tenure and will kind of look to him as a base mark by which to judge Lynch. He had a genuine interest in race and civil rights and I think she's a more traditional prosecutor

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