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Volume 62, Number 31    April 24, 2015         

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Toward more affordable transit
Assistant Director of Community Relations Jared Giarrusso discussed ongoing efforts by SF State to provide students with discounted public transit passes with the San Francisco Examiner on April 19. Giarrusso said that the University is working with Muni and BART to substantially reduce the price of monthly passes and fares. He added that
student support for the project has been building since students began rallying for cheaper transit options three years ago.

Planetary zoning
An April 19 report focused on Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Stephen Kane's proposal to define a "Venus Zone" as the area around a star in which a planet may be consumed by a runaway greenhouse effect similar to the planet Venus. "We're specifically trying to make it clear that size is no indication of habitability. The primary purpose of the habitable zone is target selection [in the search for exoplanets]," Kane said. "
Once we can observe these exo-Venuses and exo-Earths, we'll be able to determine more accurately the boundary between them. Right now, that boundary is based entirely on theoretical climate models, which may not be very accurate under these distinctly non-Earth-like conditions."

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