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Volume 58, Number 31    April 25, 2011         

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Town hall aimed at youth
Professor Emeritus of Political Science David Tabb suggested in an April 19 article in The Bay Citizen that President Obama's participation in a Facebook Town Hall meeting is an effort to attract young voters. "There was a higher than normal turnout in 2008 by younger voters that accounted for a not insubstantial part of his win," Tabb said. "One way that they think that they can generate turnout is to identify Obama with those things that young people care about, and obviously one of those is Facebook."

Uncertainty despite hiring
Professor of Economics Donald Mar suggested in an April 19 KGO-TV news report that recent hiring increases by McDonald’s and other companies may not put an end to the economic slump. "This thing with McDonald's I don't think it's quite the harbinger of good times that one might expect because there is a lot of uncertainty in the markets," Mar said.

Hip-hop homophobia
An April 19 ColorLines Magazine feature on homophobia in hip-hop culture included classroom-derived insights from KPFA-FM radio host Davey D. and Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Dawn-Elissa Fischer. Based on research in 20 countries, Fischer noted that hip-hop has traditionally affirmed human empowerment, "This is about human rights, and we pride ourselves on human rights," Fischer said.

What's in a color?
Professor of Anthropology James Quesada commented on the associations of the color white in an April 15 MacNewsWorld report on the white iPhone. "On the one hand, whiteness could be considered powerful, more modern and efficient; on the other, it's associated with colonialism," Quesada said. "In many societies, such as Papua New Guinea, where people are very dark skinned, they often associate whiteness with their ancestors, or with spirits or ghosts," he added.


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