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Volume 62, Number 12    October 31, 2014         

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Top teacher
Business Insider reported that Communication Studies Lecturer John Ryan is among "The 25 Best College Professors in America" as ranked by in an Oct. 21 report. Students lauded his motivational, enthusiastic style for making classes interesting and easing the stress of public speaking, earning him a spot at number 14.

BUILDing diversity
Professor of Biology Leticia Márquez-Magaña was quoted in an Oct. 23 San Francisco Chronicle article about a $17 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to create SF BUILD, a program to boost workplace diversity in biomedical research. "I'm happy to be part of the team changing the way we teach science and mentor students," Magaña said. "But any time there's a shift in science, there's always the old school that says, 'Why do we need to change the way we teach it?'"

It's emotional
Criminal Justice Lecturer Greg Woods commented on the way San Jose political candidates are using crime statistics to support their campaigns for an Oct. 26 San Jose Mercury News report. "We should view this data critically. In a vacuum, statistics don't do anything -- it's in how you use those numbers," Woods said. "It's playing with fear. It's not about two plus two equaling four, it's about emotions."

Peer potential unlocked
Research by Professor of Special Education and Communicative Disorders Pamela Wolfberg that revealed integrated play groups help promote social development for children with autism was featured in the Oct. 28 "Children learn much better how to play through interactions with peers than they do from adults, because adults are not like children anymore," Wolfberg said. "This is what families want for their kids. This flips around the idea that kids with autism are incapable of socializing or incapable of pretending. They have the same innate drive to participate with peers and to engage in playful experiences ... but we have not been able to tap into their potential."


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