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Volume 62, Number 9    October 10, 2014         

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Family healing
Director of the Family Acceptance Project Caitlin Ryan was interviewed about her work with LGBT youth and their families for an Oct. 3 Huffington Post article. "One thing we've found from our research is that many people think they're accepting and supportive of an LGBT adolescent but they're not, they're actually ambivalent and tolerant at best," Ryan explained. "We found that even moderate levels of rejection still confer risk, and also constrict family relationships and decrease intimacy and connectedness. We can teach those families who want to be accepting -- and think they are -- how to fully accept and support their LGBT children."

From the Bay to Antarctica
Professor of Biology Karina Nielsen, the director of the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, was the subject of an Oct. 4 Marin Independent Journal feature. Public outreach is "part of our mission to educate people. Many don't know what ocean acidification is, which is part of climate change. People are just becoming aware of sea level rise being an issue," Nielsen said. "Our mission is to advance the field of marine science, with a focus on San Francisco Bay and its ecology and the changes that are happening as it relates to climate. But we work on the outer coast all the way to Antarctica. Our students are also involved in all of these research projects, which is part of their training."


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