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Volume 60, Number 12    October 29, 2012         

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Unlikely ecosystem
Professor of Biology John Hafernik was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle for an Oct. 20 report on a proposal to preserve a habitat for butterflies that live along Market Street. "There should be a way for a better Market Street to be compatible with butterflies... and some things that are good for butterflies are also good for bees and other organisms," Hafernik said. "We might think differently about these trees if people knew the story of adaptation that is going on. We could learn from nature if we landscaped for the adapting creatures and, in the process, we would turn urban landscaping upside down."

Building community
Professor of Women and Gender Studies Nan Alamilla Boyd commented for an Oct. 18 Bay Area Reporter article on San Francisco's history as a destination and haven for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered people. "Something happened between 1933 and the early 1960s where people didn't feel like they had to hide and they wanted a community they could feel safe in," Boyd said. "The politicization of bars began to happen. The police were trying to shut the bars down so the community had to resist and fight for territory. In that act, there was this articulation of certain political ideals of the right to occupy public space."


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