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Volume 60, Number 10    October 15, 2012         

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Stand tall
An Oct. 10 Medical Daily article reported on Professor of Health Education Erik Peper's research that found altering body posture can improve mood. "It may be possible that the decrease in physical activity and the increase in passive collapsed sitting and walking are factors that have contributed to a significant increase in depression over the last 50 years," Peper said.

Healthy improvement
Associate Professor of Economics Philip King's study examining San Francisco's economic recovery and job growth was featured in an Oct. 4 report. "The San Francisco Bay Area is known as a center of innovation," King said. "Less reported is the role of health and medical technology on the Bay Area's economy, in particular, San Francisco's economy. Much attention has been focused on social media companies like Twitter and Zynga. But another significant revolution is under way in San Francisco -- in biomedical research and technology."

Performance rating
Professor of Political Science Robert Smith gave BET his analysis of the first presidential debate for an Oct. 4 article. "I thought it was almost a perfect draw, but Romney seemed more engaged than the president did," Smith said. "If a person hasn't paid much attention to the campaign until tonight, they wouldn't know the president's main argument against Romney, but they [now] know Romney's main argument against Obama, so in that sense, Romney was more effective."


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