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Volume 60, Number 14    November 12, 2012         

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SF State of mind
President Les Wong discussed the attraction of SF State to students from around the state and world in a Nov. 5 KGO Radio interview. "People are coming from around the Pacific Rim, they're coming from Southern California -- about a third of our freshmen class this year are from Southern California. They want to be around students that are different from them, that come from around the world… that speak different languages and come from different cultures," Wong said. "We have to keep focused on our mission to serve students and the community extremely well. My biggest worry (budget-wise) is, 'is there room at the inn' for these students to experience what really is a great experience here."

Racial balance
Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies and Chair of American Indian Studies Andrew Jolivette wrote about the role of race in the Presidential election and Barack Obama's Presidency in a Nov. 2 opinion piece on The Policy Press blog. "What President Obama has done is highlight and open up a national dialogue about where the USA is as a nation when it comes to race," Jolivette wrote. "He has been successful because, unlike Kerry and Gore before him, he brought together the most diverse coalition of supporters in U.S. history. This is directly related to his biracial background which continues to allow him to navigate policy compromises and see the commonality between two different sides of the same issue."

Recycling wave
In a Nov. 1 San Francisco Chronicle article Associate Professor of Public Administration Sheldon Gen commented on San Francisco's new policy of using treated and recycled water for some irrigation purposes. "The acceptance among the public has probably come around faster than the infrastructure's ability to adjust to those preferences," Gen said. "The wastewater treatment systems that we find in our cities were built largely prior to our desire as a society to recycle water."


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