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Volume 60, Number 2    August 20, 2012         

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Sexuality Studies and Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality (CREGS)
Researchers from the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality (CREGS) had a strong presence at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, July 22-28:

CREGS Director and Professor of Sexuality Studies Colleen Hoff presented "Three’s a charm: Three-way sexual encounters promote safety for gay male couples" and "HIV+ MSM in China lack emotional and educational resources to prevent HIV."

Associate Professor of Sexuality Studies Rita Melendez presented "Proyecto Acceso: Access to health care for HIV-positive Latino immigrants to the U.S.," "Proyecto La Familia: An intimate space to work on Latino gay self and family acceptance" and "Proyecto Alcance: The role of promotores, Latino immigrant families and Latino youth in HIV prevention -- a systems approach."

Research Scientist Anu Manchikanti Gomez presented "Beyond daddies: Age asymmetries, relationship power, and HIV risk among gay couples in the U.S."

Project Director Chad Campbell presented "Health, trust, or 'just understood'?: Condom decision-making processes of Black, White, and interracial gay couples."

Project Director Sean Beougher presented "Reflecting on what comes before: relationship dynamics and HIV risk differ among discordant gay male couples depending on HIV infection history."

Research Assistant Jaih McReynolds presented "'I have HIV, but it doesn't have me!' A narrative study on resiliency among HIV-positive black women in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Research Assistant Peter Vielehr presented "Building magnetic love: Interactions of HIV status, stigma, and fear of transmission in HIV-discordant gay couples."


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