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Volume 59, Number 15    November 21, 2011         

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Air hack
Assistant Professor of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Marie Drennan commented on the possibility of hacking into the TV and radio Emergency Alert System (EAS) for a Nov. 14 report on KGO TV. Were it a false alert or hoax similar to the 1938 Orson Welles radio drama War of the Worlds, "people could really get hurt…that could cause some really awful stuff," Drennan said. Taking over the EAS "could go horribly wrong" and a humorous approach would likely be more effective.

Promised land
A Nov. 10 article in the J Weekly featured the thoughts of Professor of Jewish Studies Marc Dollinger on "California Dreaming: Jewish Life in the Bay Area from the Gold Rush to the Present," a new exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. "This really was the promised land. The first Jews in San Francisco considered their city to be the new Jerusalem," Dollinger said. The founders "anticipated the exceptionalism of the San Francisco Jewish community... the form that exceptionalism has taken in San Francisco is a high level of assimilation, a high level of intermarriage and a low level of organizational affiliation. And I would argue that in an important way that's a very good thing. If the goal of modern Jews is a civil equality in a Christian-dominated society, then San Francisco Jews have won."

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