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Volume 59, Number 3    August 29, 2011         

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Back to books
President Robert A. Corrigan's plan to retire after more than 24 years leading SF State was reported in the Aug. 22 San Francisco Examiner. "I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to return to live what I have called the life of the mind while the mind is still agile and the body still sound," Corrigan said. "This was not an easy decision to make. I love this University and take great pride in all we have been able to accomplish together."

Catching up
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Jo Volkert commented for an Aug. 20 San Francisco Examiner report on the remedial needs of some college freshmen. "We know that students that come to our university, a certain percentage of them need to take courses to be ready for college. Some need remediation in English; some need it in math," Volkert said. "There has been some improvement, (but) there’s still a way to go."

Extending the dream
Professor of Biology Leticia Marquez-Magaña was the subject of an Aug. 19 Pacifica Patch profile. "The American Dream is something that is said to be available to every single American but that is not necessarily the case due to structural barriers such as racism and discrimination," Marquez-Magaña said. "The reason I was hired was… recognition that diversifying the faculty would in turn diversify the students and diversifying the scientific workforce is really important."

More than time
In an Aug. 16 Washington Post column, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education Mark Phillips argues that changing the length of the school year will not improve education. "The primary question should be this: What is it that students need to learn in each subject and how can schools best increase this learning?" Phillips wrote. "The key variables in learning are student motivation and teacher skills. Neither are functions of the amount of time devoted to a subject."


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