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Volume 57, Number 6    September 21, 2009         

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SF State received $5,437,337 in grants and contacts in August.

Josephine Arce, Elementary Education, No Child Left Behind 6, California Department of Education, Sub-Award from the Regents of the University of California, $49,600

Frank Bayliss, Biology, Minority Access to Research Careers Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research Program Supplement, National Institutes of Health, $99,909

Frank Bayliss, Biology, Minority Biomedical Research Support/Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement Program Supplement, National Institutes of Health, $99,965

Frank Bayliss, Biology, Genentech M.S./Ph.D. Fellows, Genentech Foundation,$113,200

Julie Chronister, Counseling, Long Term Training for Rehab Counselors, U.S. Department of Education, $750,000

Edward Connor and Christopher Smith, Biology, Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research: The Mechanism of Induction of Plant Galls, National Science Foundation, $200,000

Ashok Das, Urban Studies, Research Coalition Tool Book, Center for Health Design, $3,000

Richard Dugdale, Romberg Tiburon Center, Effect of Effluent on Phytopia -- Supplement, State Resources Control Board, Sub-Award from University of California, Davis, $20,859

Charlotte Ferretti, Marian Wright Edelman Institute, Early Child Care Initiative, Mimi and Peter Haas Fund, $192,361

Debra Fischer, Physics and Astronomy, Rocky Planets with Automated Planet Finder, National Science Foundation, $192,082

Debra Fischer, Physics and Astronomy, Major Research Instrumentation Program: Development of Chiron: CTIO High Resolution Spectrometer, National Science Foundation, $603,764

Newell Garfield, Romberg Tiburon Center, Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System Marine Protected Area -- Supplement, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Aquarium, $159,000

Newell Garfield, Romberg Tiburon Center, Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology -- Additional Funding, CSU Chancellor’s Office, $187,429

George Gassner, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Structure and Mechanisms of Styrene Monoxygenase, National Institutes of Health, $230,250

Colleen Hoff, Sexuality Studies, Health and HIV Among Gay Fathers, National Institutes of Health, $431,363

Kathleen Mosier, Psychology, Operator State and Crew, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, $14,703

Andrew Oliphant, Geography & Human Environmental Studies, Global Ecosystem Response to Changing Light Environments and the Implications for Climate Feedbacks, National Science Foundation, $162,799

Thomas Parker, Biology, RAPID: Seed caches as a fire survival mechanism in Arctostaphylos (Ericaceae), National Science Foundation, $24,978

Robert Ramirez, Biology, Physiology of Osmotic Stress in Saccharmyces cerevisiae, National Institutes of Health, $38,555

Juanita Santana, Marian Wright Edelman Institute/Head Start, Child Development Programs 2009-10, California Department of Education, $1,263,817

Lutfus Sayeed, Information Systems, A Proposal to Plan, Establish, and Operate a Business and International Education Program 2009-2011, U.S. Department of Education, $178,490

Christopher Smith, Biology, Argentine ants: A study of genes involved in human behavioral disease, National Institutes of Health, $115,125

C. Lynn Sorsoli, Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, Adolescent Perceptions of Risk in Research Participation, National Institutes of Health, $230,250

Rita Takahashi, Social Work, Monterey Child Welfare Training, Monterey County, $161,000

Vance Vredenburg, Biology, AfterCrash: Outbreaks, National Institutes of Health, Sub-Award from University of California, Santa Barbara, $73,259


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