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Volume 57, Number 6    September 21, 2009         

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Thunder rolls, lightning strikes
In a Sept. 12 KTVU report, Professor of Geosciences John Monteverdi commented on the rare thunderstorms that rolled through the Bay Area last week. The storms featured hundreds of lightning strikes in the area and kept many people awake through the night. Monteverdi said the storms are a rarity in the Bay Area, but are consistent with the El Nino patterns. "It's infrequent but not unusual," he said. "Basically, we expect this kind of pattern to occur three or four times in a decade."

Discussing Afghanistan
In a Sept. 11 story in the Philadelphia Metro, Assistant Professor of International Relations Mahmood Monshipouri discussed the United States' continued involvement in Afghanistan. In the article, Monshipouri said the continued U.S. presence is one of choice. "Increasingly, experts remind us that there are alternatives to a large-scale troop presence, such as using drone attacks on terrorists, offering more development aid and reconstruction assistance," Monshipouri said. "The debate about whether the war in Afghanistan is a war of choice or necessity rages on. Slowly, however, some experts are edging toward the 'choice' side as opposed to the 'necessity' side."

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