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Volume 57, Number 10    October 19, 2009         

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Ethnic Studies in everyday life
In an Oct. 9 three-minute interview with the San Francisco Examiner, Kenneth Monteiro, dean of the College of Ethnic Studies, discussed the state of ethnic studies, 40 years after the founding of SF State's College of Ethnic Studies. In the article, Monteiro suggested ways to apply ethnic studies to everyday life. "Keep the question open, 'Does race, ethnicity or culture potentially have a place here?' Put that question right out there and ask some people, 'How could race play a part here?' It can also interact with gender and sexuality and disability and location region and geography," he said.

The Afghanistan choice
In an Oct. 7 ABC 7 story, Professor of International Relations Sanjoy Banerjee discussed the future of the United States' involvement in Afghanistan. Banerjee, who specializes in Afghanistan, said that the downside to leaving Afghanistan now is worse than the current situation on the ground. "I think the fears the Bay Area Democrats are expressing are within reason given the historical experience of the United States itself and the history of Afghanistan," Banerjee said. "But the downside risk here is quite substantial."


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